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"Run Away"


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I was listening through "Boats Against The Current" again yesterday afternoon. For some reason, the lyrics of "Run Away" just clicked inside my head. I've listened to it a lot over the past month, but I actually really listened to the lyrics this time.

It's such an amazing song; almost the antithesis of the average blue-eyed golden love song.

The cynicism I detect in this song toward teenage love is so refreshing. I'm in the middle of "Romeo and Juliet" in school, and this song is such a breath of fresh air.

The cautionary tale of a man who was burned by adolescent 'love'.

I like this song. Of the two albums I own ("Eric Carmen" and "Boats"), this song reigns supreme over all others.

Anyone else have any opinions? Love? Hate? Indifferent? Discuss.

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Why don't I have Eric's other albums yet? Several reasons:

Affordable for a person with a real job and afforble for someone with a thirty-dollar-a-month allowance and a small lawnmowing business on the side are two very different things.

EC isn't exactly the most widely-distributed musician; he's not sold at Wal Mart, the only major store I'm in each week.

My next Amazon.com order isn't for several more weeks.

I prefer to ration out any new musician: I took a year to collect all my Manilow stuff, I took six months to gather my Bee Gees collection (which is only about half their stuff), and I took three months to gather my very small Al Stewart collection. I like taking time to gather any musician's works. Besides, I've been burned too many times by buying a CD for twenty bucks, only to find the unopened vinyl at a thrift store for a fraction of the price.

I live in rural Texas; my occassional trips to Houston's used record shops have been the only source for my current EC collection (and Manilow, and Bee Gees, et cetera).

There. That enough explanation yet?

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I've checked for 'em used, but don't want to get them all too quickly. The Amazon.com order will be coming quickly; "Cartoon World" looks like too much fun to pass up.


"I hope you got the Bee Gees Main Course 1975, Mr Natural 1974, ESP 1986, One 1989, High Civilization 1991, Size Isn't Everything 1993. They are some of the best Bee Gees CD's unless you like their chipmunk disco phase."


I personally basically like sticking with the "Greatest Hits" from the Disco era. "Children of the World", "Spirits Having Flown", and "You Stepped Into My Life" are the only Disco hits of theirs I really like. Alas, "Children of the World" never makes it on to any of the greatest hits compilations, save the 1979 "Bee Gees Greatest Hits", available on LP, 8-track, and cassette. I've got the 8-track.

"Main Course" truly was a great album. "Nights on Broadway", "Fanny", "Wind of Change", "Edge of the Universe", and a naked woman on the cover. Everything you could possibly want.

A lot of my Bee Gees collection consists of their early stuff, including a couple LPs of their Australian sessions from '64. There's very few of their albums that I listen straight through.

"Here At Last" was very good. One of the best Live albums I've heard in a while (certainly better than their 1997 "One Night Only"). "Nights on Braodway" seems designed to be played live.

Interestingly enough, "ESP" is on my turntable right now. "One", "High Civilization", and "Size Isn't Everything" are all on my "Next Bee Gees to Buy" list. Their latest, "This Is Where I Came In" isn't half bad, in my opinion.

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