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Raspberries at B.B. Kings in NYC this summer??


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Hi ya Gina!!

As soon as we all get tickets (she said fearlessly)

we are going to solidify plans for accommodations and transport...

my idea at the moment is to get tickets to both shows (of course...when you're dreaming, dream BIG) get a hotel for all of us just outside NYC in Jersey for Sat night at least and then coordinate transport to Kathy and Bernies - I have a 7 passenger minivan, for example - and back to NYC for the second show.


We can all plan who shares rooms with who...I'm morphing back into a camp counselor, I must stop!!!!

We've got a bit of time and we will make sure all boarders are accounted for!!!!!

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NYC would be the ultimate party destination - I looked at the Milford Plaza on 8th ave & 42nd - they want $149 for Sat and $129 for Sunday. I'm thinking we need to work a group rate deal somewhere....at the very least, Jenn, marlene, marvin et al - you can crash on the couches at my house an hour away.

Harry!!! We'll get us a convoy going to Joisey - and I just found an new respect for my soccer mom mini-van!!!!!

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Annie, you're amazing !! smile I'm sitting here reading posts from you, Dave, Harry, Kazumi, Bernie and Kathy, all of you already trying to help organize things for those of us unfamiliar with the city, and thinking just how wonderful this group is...and what special friends I have here ! If I forget to say it again....THANK YOU!

happyhappy Marlene

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Just in case anyone from outside of metro-NY is thinking they can find a $39 a night hotel in Mahattan...well, you can't. 39 bucks gets you an appetizer at TGIFridays on 42nd St, 3 pretzels, 3 cokes, and a balloon in Central Park, or 7 minutes in heaven with a transvestite named Randy on West 23rd Street.


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So glad to hear the operation went well and your recovery is on track. By the end of July you will be your old self.

Re: NYC Hotels - It appears the Milford Plaza might just be the best bet for those wanting to be close to B. B. King's. (about 2 blocks). They will do group rates for 10 or more - (that should be easy. Grp. rates tel#: 212-642-4602 or 4607). At the moment I plan to be at the Sat. night show and if there is a WE@B I plan to be there as well.

As we get closer and have tickets in hand we will all be in a better position to coordinate.

Ted spinspinspin

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Guys, guys, (actually, girls, girls) this is Manhattan!! You are all worrying too much about the easy stuff in NY. Aside from Hotel reservations, anything else, inlcuding transportation to Bernies, is a phone call away at any moment. I promise, any of you who are nervous, or are unfamiliar with how us "city folk" do things, I will make sure your needs are met, and I will be there to help.

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