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Raspberries at B.B. Kings in NYC this summer??


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Hi y'all -

I just happened to be walking by BB King's nightclub/restaurant this morning on 42nd St.in NYC and an employee was outside changing advertising signs for upcoming acts.

I asked him "excuse me but do you know if the Raspberries will be playing here this summer?"

He said "yes, I think so....the booking guy has been talking to them and yeah, it should be happening.

I'll have to start listening to their albums again."

He asked me if I had seen them and I told him I flew to Cleveland twice to see them and that they were awesome and better than the albums.

He asked "Do you think people would fly in to see them? I heard they will be doing multiple nights..."

(I almost fell on the floor)

I said "Hell - YEAH! We have a whole message board of people that heavily promo the shows and one couple flew in from England three times to see them. I'll be checking your website for dates."

And floated on my merry way.....oh, yeah, baby....

Raspberries Fever = There is NO CURE.

As an aside: i was in the city for my post-operation check up: i had back surgery Feb. 16th - went GREAT. Thanks for all the kind words and messages - you guys are the BEST.

In a way, it is the Raspberries fault that I needed surgery - I caught the flu on the plane back from the New year's Eve show and ruptured a disc while "being ill" 2 DAYS after the show!!!! spinspinwinkwink

love ya - annie

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Annie, Annie, Annie! WOW! I had heard that BB King's might be too small a venue for Raspberries, and that the lights/sound there might not support what they want to do, but it sounds like obstacles are being overcome in a big way! I am THRILLED to hear this. Forever thanks for sharing the info. I'm so sorry about your back, but glad your surgery went well. Now you'll be able to jump around again at concerts on the summer tour!

smile --Darlene

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thanks, laura and Dar -

I was deliberately going to BB's to inquire directly with the booking agent for the club.....if Gina and crew can do it in Chicago, we can do it here in NYC...

Marvin, we could work on a food deal like Ted did at HOB or eat elsewhere....you're paying tourist prices on 42nd St but we can find some great places near by.....

And Dave, happy hour is at your cubicle....Kazumi will host the after party...she is literally a couple of blocks from the club!!!!

Bernie.....vee haf vays to make you talk....I need to plan summer vacation around these dates...I already have a crew going to Bodles Opera House in Chester, NY Aug. 1st to see Tequila Sunrise!!!!


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Annie, Annie, Annie, I missed you! I hope you feel better now. And thank you for the wonderful information. I can't wait for Raspberries show in New York. Dave, I live in Times square area,so maybe we can organize pre-show or after show party. Why don't we use my apartment? It's not a gorgeous one,but I think the location is the best for the party. ( 46th street between 6th ave and Broadway ) Anyway, I can't wait!!

Kazumi happyhappyhappy

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I think we're all so pumped up about it all that people are searching for news and maybe finding out stuff before the details are finalized. It's my understanding that Bernie tells us everything as soon as it's a definite, but it wouldn't be prudent to get everyone excited about something and then have to retract it. I'll admit it's difficult even for *me* to be patient, but I'd rather not know anything until I know it's definite. There will be so many dates, that building one's summer around them may, in the long run, be quite impossible! I hope so!

smile --Darlene

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Annie: Way to go! This is such cool news, was so smart of you to ask about an upcoming show. Take care of yourself feel better!

Anne: Thanks for the Suggest Artist BB King link. I just voted RASPBERRIES!

Let's all do this, and spread the word about this link to vote and get lots and lots of votes for them to play there! spinspin

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