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It's really going to be really tricky for me to get to the show.....with it being the day after Thanksgiving, it's consider a "holiday" and no day or shift changes are allowed at work, as a result.

I can put in to get the day off but will not know until the week before....which may or may not be too late to get tickets, and/or hotels. So I really can't buy tickets nor hotels, as I may end up spending a few hundred, only to get nothing out of it.

The ironic thing is I already had Saturday and Sunday both off---two of the busiest days of the year---as my regular days off. And got someone to work for me on the Monday already.

Had the concert been on Saturday---and not Friday---no problem whatsoever.....what a difference a day makes!!

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When will the other tour dates be announced? Driving to Clevand the day after Thanskgiving could be a real drag. If there are no other dates in the Northeast, is anyone interested in carpooling from the Philly area? We could leave early AM, be there by noon, visit the Hall of Fame...

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I think the guys should at least come to Toronto

because, I asked a couple of my friends around here if they have heard of , The Raspberries and

Eric Carmen, on my street, the three I asked, have heard of Eric, The Raspberries.

The song they mentioned was from the compilation

cd, with the portrait on the front.

"Lose Control" "Go All The Way" The song from the, Dirty Dancing soundtrack.

I bet if I had taken a further survey, the count would be tremendous.

Then I asked one more, "Yes, I heard of the Raspberries"

Canada does love the Raspberries.

I remember going to see Sir Cliff Richard at the

Hamilton Place Auditorium, the acoustics and sound was great, no arena sound boucing of the


A lot of people showed up.

Hardly no seats left spared.

The seating was comfortable, people respect singers and groups.

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Eric told me that right now the boys are looking at doing ONE GREAT SHOW. There has been talk that if it sells out quickly it will be an indication that other shows in other cities may be just as successful. So keep your fingers crossed! Until then, see you in Cleveland!


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Actually, by having the show in Cleveland the day after Thanksgiving, it almost assures a sell-out. That weekend is really big on high school re-unions and family get togethers and what not. So if you grew up in Cleveland in the mid 70's, what better way to re-live the past then by seeing the local "fav" band that "made it".

If as Bernie says, it's probably a one shot deal with the possiblility of adding dates...I think we all better make arrangements for the day after Thanksgiving, now! Hotels and flights will be pretty much booked, if not so already.

From Philly, "Mapquest" puts it at about a 7 hour drive. On "Travelocity" you can get a flight and a hotel room for $299.

I think from Philly the best bet is to drive! I just hope the weather's not that bad.

I hope to see some of you EC fanatics there!

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Hi Everyone,

My husband and I are also coming to the show and will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express on Euclid. Would love to meet up with others. It's our first time in Cleveland and would love any restaurant recommendations. We're also planning to visit the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame on Saturday sometime! I think we should all definetly meet up somewhere! Keep me posted. Can't wait!!!

Julie R.

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Maybe it STARTS on Friday, Marvin....I'll bet the celebrating doesn't end until Saturday !! I can't wait. We'll be there, too. We're staying just a few blocks down the street at the Wyndham. This is going to be SO MUCH fun !!! happy

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Hey, if anyone is interested, when I went to the HOB site, I signed up as a member (for free) and they are having a presale of tickets starting on 10/4! laugh There are only a limited number available but I figured I would try because I will be out of town next weekend. It just gets you a email from the HOB. Since it costs nothing I figured I would go ahead. Good luck all! smile

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