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It's so bittersweet. God bless 'em for finally pulling it off. And I'll be here in L.A., that week being the busiest of the year for my business. My heart and best wishes will be there, though. I just hope somebody records it for those of us who couldn't escape reality. Kirk.

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The House Of Blues, Is a great place to start, for the reunion concert, because usually, House of Blues has the concert footage on television, a few years later.

If you have digital cable Or Satellite t.v.

I hope the first concert is a success for Wally, Dave, Jim, and Eric, I do hope they kick butt.

I know the audience will be surprised that the four can still rock N roll.

By the way, who will be the guest at the concert?

I hope they come near to Canada, so I can at least by a souvenoir ticket.

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That's great news! I sure hope that somebody will be audio and video and digitally recording this miraculous event! It's also very cool that tix go on sale on John Lennon's birthday. Wish I could be there, but all the way to Cleveland the day after Thanksgiving is not possible for me...

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I tried calling HOB Cleveland to get more info about how to order tickets but got a recording saying they open in November and that there wasn't any way to leave a voice message. Looking at their website it looks like the ticket purchasing goes through Ticketmaster but the Ticketmaster website doesn't have Raspberries listed yet. HOB does have a place to register to get e-mails about ticket sales/promotions etc. Looking at the HOB Cleveland website it looks like the place isn't very big, I was looking for a seating chart but couldn't find one. Hopefully we'll all be able to get decent seats before they sell out. It'd be nice if people from this site who get tickets can get together before the show and meet. Something like "Weekend at Bernies" ..."A Few Hours in Cleveland".

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I read it on the HOB website. It says the "Les Paul Trio". Last I knew, he was still alive. Chet Atkins passed away a few years back though.

UPDATE: According to the "Dead or Alive?" website,

Les is alive & pickin' at 89 years of age.

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That would be great!

I will let you know if I made a buy on time on the 9th of October, ok

I plan on being by my computer around 9:30am

To get on the House Of Blues ticket sales, even though I'm not going.

I'm crossing my fingers X Lol

This is exciting, huh

2 days after my birthday, the concert starts.

Which is november 27th, Eric, please come to Hamilton, ok Or Toronto.

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