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Has anyone noticed that as Eric gets older, more and more songs have cowriters on the songs? Almost everything in the early days (i.e. - before I was born) was only Eric. On the latest CD, pretty much every darn thing (or is it EVERYTHING) was not his alone. Any speculation on why this is? Is it just me, or were the music and lyrics better in the 'olden' days?


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Michelle-- Eric is a lot more contented now, so the angst of youth and broken romance isn't a driving force for his lyrics. He talked about the 'good old days' -- being up for something like 3 days at a time trying to get just the right word to rhyme with a lyric. That's not his idea of fun these days. When I listen to a tune like "Let's Pretend" I can appreciate the work that went into crafting a melody like that. And for me, a song has to be great before I will even listen to the lyric. So if Eric writes the tune, I don't care who writes the words --Kirk.

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Kirk is really savvy about the music business and about Eric. I usually agree completely with his opinions. I agree this time too. Eric just doesn't have the luxury of a writer in a lonely garret anymore. However, I too miss the earmarks of a song written exclusively by EC! His talent just explodes when he writes music and lyrics -- it's just a "marriage" made in Heaven. MAYBE - -just maybe -- he'll do it again sometime. --Darlene

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Yeah, I gotta admit, now that I'm married with a kid, it's hard to recall the angst I felt when listening to 'Hurt's Too Much' while breaking up with my fiance (it was for the best, he was a creap anyway). Not to mentioned that those of us with young kids are too tired to remember to brush our teeth, let alone write beautiful, meaningful music.

I guess music that is co-written is better than no music at all. Now we all just have to get on his case to get another album out. Hey, you can write while the kids are sleeping! I know from experience! I just finished a book and sent it off to the publishers. The whole thing was written at night after the baby went to bed. Mind you, I was a zombie a few days, but I got it done. If I can do it, damn it, so can Eric!


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As far as why Eric does not write lyrics anymore, it's got nothing to do with lack of teenage angst. Check out the "Ask Eric" section from a few months back. If I remember correctly, he said something to the effect that he thinks people like Dean Pitchford and Dianne Warren are better lyricists and he's more of a melodist.


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Marvin, You're right. I remember that answer. I also remember not believing what I was reading. He's very self-critical. In this case I don't agree with Eric. I don't think he realizes what dynamite lyrics he's already written. Whenever I've heard him speak, whether at a show or during an interview, Eric has impressed me as being not only extremely intelligent and very witty, but also as having an extraordinary command of the English language and the ability to express his thoughts very well through precise use of the English language. If there are any better requisites for a lyricist, I can't imagine what they are. --Darlene

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Actually, Eric does still write lyrics here and there in all of his songs, he just doesn't write 'em all by himself anymore. Still, I find that none of Eric's collaborators have even come close to matching the poetry, emotion, wit and style of his self-penned words.

"In the spring the sun will shine and make the ice surrender

But it will not warm my heart as long as I remember"

"I know it's over, you know it's over

We're just goin' through the motions

But we're sailin' separate oceans world's apart

And you know it's breakin' my heart"

"Can the future be foretold in a faded photograph

Can a dream be bought and sold, well, I guess I have to laugh

Sippin' on a scotch and soda, a shadow in the corner booth

So philosophic and drunk on grown-up truth"

"Take it or leave it

You've been sleepin' on it much too long

And in the bank of my love

Your account's already overdrawn"

"Love is all that matters, faithful and forever

Keepin' us together, love is all we need

Prisoner of illusion, sentence is suspended

Loneliness is ended, love has set me free"

"Oh, the sun beats down on the L.A. scene

But you can't feel the cold when the grass looks so green

And the games that I've played were not worth what I paid

In a town full of desperate fools"

"Was it somethin' we forgot to say that took romance away"

"I put away your photograph and turn out all the lights

But I can't seem to make myself forget

'Cause every time I close my eyes and see your face again

I realize that's all that I have left"

"Dreams are forever and some things you never forget"

I could do this all day smile --Bernie

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Eric's lyrics are incredible. I think the situation is that Eric knows he is probably the best person to put words to his music, but it's a matter of efficiency. He has endless melodies coming out of his mind, while the lyrics, albeit are excellent, take a lot more time. There are people out there that can come up with lyrics as fast as Eric can come up with melodies, so when he collaberates, you get more EC music, faster.

I feel the strongest lyrics in the musical resume were penned entirely by Eric, but if I had to pick a co-writer, I liked the stuff he co-wrote with Pitchford.

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Once a lyricist, always a lyricist. You don't "lose" the talent for writing lyrics. I think one does get more "picky" and self-critical as one matures, though. Humans tend to take more risks when younger. So, I don't think Eric "knows" anything we don't. I think he's just more self-critical because he's older, but it's very difficult to be objective about one's own work.

I remember sitting in orchestra for the first time with a new stand partner, and he had an incredible bow arm -- so smooth. I was watching him, and when I told him how great his bow arm was, he said, "You're kidding! I was just thinking that your bow arm is much more smooth and expressive than mine!"

Go figure...But since one cannot lose one's talent for anything, including lyric writing, Eric could write perfect lyrics right now. If he doesn't think so, it's just the self criticism he has to lose. --Darlene

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Go to the press section, look in the year 2000, and read the April 21, 2000 Goldmine article by Ken Sharp called "Starting Over Again". Near the end of part one Eric talks about what I had eluded to in an earlier post. Staying up for days on end to generate one word or line for a song! Hey, the man has two kids now. It's not that anyone is a better lyricist, it's just not practical to spend that kind of investment on a few words when the time could be better spent raising a family for now. But who knows, when that remodel is done...Kirk

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