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Don't the Billboard charts come out today??


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----> opening a splendid bottle of wine......because Hannah "Friggin' Montana is #2 (and my daughters are responsible for two units being sold).

Alas though, Bonnie & I purchased a total of 3 Live on Sunset Strip packages. So take that Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter.

John angry

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Ok - Just TELL ME THIS.... how the F**k can Hanson chart at #56 and Rasberries are not even in the Top 100?? Someone save the Rock World - I wanna get off lmao!

Well MJ sorry to disappoint you, but Hanson has been releasing some of the finest pop/rock over the last 10 years. Don't dismiss them because of "MMMBop", even though I think that single was one of the most addictive pieces of bubblegum EVER, but their last two releases, including the newest, "The Walk" are outstanding. The boys, Taylor, Isaac and Zach, are extremely talented, and write all their songs. Remind me a lot of three other brothers from California. Hanson are also out there touring regularly, keeping their name in the public's eye.


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Marv I'm not dismissing Hanson - I am just venting lol - I don't like 3/4% of what's on the charts now-a-days. Although.... I did like Rancid's And Out Came the Wolves and actually purchased it a few years ago lol. From Rancid to Raspberries - ........ I have a pretty wide music variety. Sorry if I offended anyone.

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