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Todd and Eric?

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Hey folks,

Just reserved my tix for the Walk Down Abbey Road show at the Keswick in the Philadelphia area on July 24. I noticed that on some of the other listings for this tour on Ticketmaster, EC's fellow power-pop legend Todd Rundgren is set to appear at many of the dates on this tour, but not this one! It seems like Eric's Todd's "replacement" at his dates on the tour, that they won't be performing together. That's a shame, sounds like a dream band to me...although readers of Ken Sharp's "Overnight Sensation" will recall a story of tension between Todd and Eric over the song title and concept, "I Saw the Light." Any news of them appearing together on any dates, hopefully at the Keswick? How awesome would it be to hear Todd do the lead on "GATW" or Eric play piano on "Hello It's Me." Oh well, I can dream...


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HB-- Todd will play the June gigs of the tour and goes on to open for Hall & Oates. Eric told me that if the stars align properly and Todd doesn't have another gig, he might sit in with the band.

Hmmm... Todd, Eric and Mark Farner doing "Locomotion" would be pretty wild, eh? --Bernie

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Sounds like Todd might be willing to go east, but I haven't seen or heard anything that indicates Eric might be going west. What am I going to do with all those uniforms and disguises in my closet? (If you have to ask, you're probably new around here) Kirk.

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