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Songwriters' Hall of Fame

Les R.

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OK now I'm ticked... Went to the Songwriters' Hall of Fame website & found that Eric CLAPTon has been inducted, but not Eric CARMen!

mad Clapton made it there in '01. We all need to put in a good word in for our #1 favorite songwriter to these people! I'm clueless what their criteria are, but I cannot imagine Eric's work falling short of what the best of them have done. SHF already has hundreds of inductees and almost half of them I have never even heard of. We all know OUR Eric also belongs in the company of this elite society and probably is already on his way in, but somebody(s) at SHF needs to have their cage rattled a bit!

I also found out that Eric hasn't had a charting hit in the UK for a third of a century! Even "All By Myself" only made it up to #12 on the UK chart. What's WRONG with those people over there?? More often than not I find that the Brits have superior taste, but not this time. arrgh

One of my long-time pet peeves is when people know who Eric Clapton is (as they all do), but you've got to jump start their brain to help them figure out who Eric Carmen is. Grrrr...

OK just had to vent, sorry; I'm off my soapbox now. psych

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I know what you mean.I wasn't quite sure who Eric Carmen was.I loved The Raspberries,and for some reason I never realised he was the guy who did "All by myself".Then years latter I never knew he was the guy who did "Hungry Eyes" and "Loose Control". Now my 18yr.daughter discovered him because of "Dirty Dancing", and now we both have looked at more of his music on line, and she loves the "Growing Pains" song. I wonder why he isn't as well known. He has a lot of great songs and he still can sing.He is multi-talented and he should get more recognition for his work as an artist.

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This thread seems to have died, but my passion for the issue has not! This morning I wrote this letter to the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

- Les


Dear SHF Friends:

I would like to make a nomination for inclusion in the SHF. I highly recommend Eric Carmen. He has distinguished himself by writing seven Top 10 hits, both as a soloist and as leader of The Raspberries, as well as for other artists such as Celine Dion, Shaun Cassidy, Mike Reno and Ann Wilson, including two movie soundtracks, "Footloose" and "Dirty Dancing." His signature song, "All By Myself," became a gold single both times it was released, as did his first major hit, "Go All the Way." Another song of his, "She Did It," also became a hit twice after it was released by Michael Damian. All told, he has written 28 charting songs, three of which were hits on the country chart for Louise Mandrell, and 25 pop hits, 15 of which reached the Top 40. Eric Carmen is a class act, and his ability as a songwriter is clearly demonstrated by his great popularity and chart success, and is quite worthy of inclusion in the SHF. Thank you for your serious consideration of this matter!

- Les Rinehart, Joplin Mo.

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Great idea, Les. "All By Myself" is arguably the biggest pop standard of our time—eclipsed only, perhaps, by "Yesterday." "All By Myself" has become the 'go-to' tune for any singer who wishes to show off their proweaa. I can't think of a more deserving songwriter than Eric Carmen for inclusion in the Songwriter's Hall of Fame.


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I think Eric deserves the honor...not only because of the large catalog of timeless classics that he has written...But also because he has inspired others to write better quality songs...When he went solo he raised the bar for pop music compositions...He wrote songs that found an audience when they were first released...and continue to appeal to new generations of music fans...That's the work of a hall of famer to me.

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