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"Thank You (Bernie) For Being A Friend"


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I was SO glad to see this thread!

It was the year 1975 when I discovered Eric and his beautiful music. I was only 12 years old, but it had changed my life forever. I still have all those albums.

Never did I think that I would find this incredible website that would eventually lead to meeting Eric.

So, all that said, it is truly BERNIE who I owe for making this wonderful place where I not only met Eric, but also have made new friends.

BERNIE- thank you from the bottom of my heartpump


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It has not quite yet been a year since I first came to this awe-inspiring site...and yet somehow Bernie made me feel like 'one of his Raspberries Family' right away. Bernie you have such a gift with people that you could make a blind man appreciate and understand the fantastic beauty of a 'rainbow'...something of which you have given many of to me smile This is the only site that has never felt like an internet website...it has always felt like a home with an extended family always waiting to welcome you just inside the door. With it's many corridors leading you from one profound conversation to another I never leave here without having felt somehow my life has just changed for the better. I love the feel of some of the 'rooms/threads' that make you feel like you have just been tickled by a thousand fluffy feathers...especially on days that seem so hard you find it difficult to even get out of bed. Bernie, I have yet to meet you but I am hoping that one day soon Valorie and I will be honored with such an opportunity because there are just no words adequate to express how you have made our lives a little more 'berryable'! It will never cease to amaze me that a man who is so extremely busy outside this site, has managed to maintain it with dignity, dedication and tremendous love! Bernie,thank you for all the smiles, lil jokes, incredible wealth of information, patience, tolerance, compassion...oh heck Bernie I could go on forever, just know I will NEVER EVER forget all that you have done for me and Valorie! You "Rock" Bernie!! spin

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Trindy, you always sum it up succinctly and beautifully! Indeed our dream *has* come true, "more than once"!

Bernie is a great catalyst--a mover, shaker and he gets things done! Put that together with the fact that the guys always had that love and hope in their hearts that they would get Raspberries back together, even if they thought it wouldn't be possible, and you have the magic.

Even if their desire to play together hadn't been somewhat buried and obstacles hadn't been in the way, they might have thought, "Who in the hell would we play for?"

That question never arose, because here was EC.com, with Bernie at the helm (and Ken Sharp egging him on!), and it drew the "who" to perform for all in one place.

Yep, Bernie is the bringer of dreams and I know there'll be more dreams coming true in the future. That's just the way it is...

smile --Darlene

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