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The most influential pop composer(s) of the rock/pop era ??

Lawyer fan

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Most influential hmmm

Blues artists most notably Muddy Waters & Robert Johnson influenced Jimmy Page and many early hard rock bands.

Led Zeppelin & Deep Purple led the way for all heavy metal bands.

Chuck Berry, Elvis & Buddy Holly

influenced The Beatles

The Beatles influenced everyone else

enough said on this topic.

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I've got the Heart "Greatest Hits/Live" album from 1980-something where they do a live version of "RnR" and I believe "Unchained Melody." Heart was always a bit of an enigma for me: I loved their first album with "Magic Man" and "Crazy On You", as well as their next couple of albums, but I could never figure out if they wanted to be Zeppelin or Fleetwood Mac. Regardless, at one point up to their "Dog & Butterfly" album, they were a pretty solid rock band. Even though they came from Seattle, they spent the early part of their career in Vancouver, and as a result many people on this side of the border considered them to be a Canadian band


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Marv, They wanted to be all things to all people. I always considered Heart a "singles" band. You always knew there would be a couple of killer cuts, but not enough to buy the whole album.

How about the influence of The Beatles VS. The Beach Boys. Without the healthy competition between the two bands we may have never had Pet Sounds OR Sgt Pepper. And without those Albums, all that groovy psychedelic music from the 60's might have never happened...

I still have steam coming out of my ears thinking about the guy who said Brian didn't write middle eights. Has he heard Smile? The whole thing is a middle eight!

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Lots of good choices here.......especially glad to see Lieber/Stoller on the list....they did not perform, but wrote so many great songs.

I will have to add Neil Diamond, not just for the songs he does, but also for the hits other artists

had with his songs "Sunflower"(Glen Campbell), I'm a Believer"(Monkees, SmashMouth), and "Red Red Wine"(UB-40).

And Nicky Chinn/Mike Chapman is another great songwriting team......their hits were recorded by Blondie, Huey Lewis, Sweet, and many other artists.

Then there are a few people who are ones that are good collaborators, and can get someone else's song right on track.....such as Desmond Child or

Mutt Lange.

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Brian Wilson is a sweetheart of a guy. A few years ago, after his Pet Sounds tour, I gave him an old photo that I had taken of me in front of his old family home in Hawthorne, Ca. This was taken years ago when I was living in Redondo Beach, Ca. That was the home where he composed his first early tunes. He was so thankful for the photo and mentioned that his wife Marilyn had gotten most of his personal effects as a result of their divorce. I had him autograph a duplicate copy of the photo. Brian's musical genius and innovation speak for themselves. Every artist, from The Beatles to Billy Joel, Elton, Eric C., etc.. acknowledge Brian as possibly the master of pop music. I am inclined to agree.

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LawyerFan: Now THAT wold be a cool photo to have, especially since, as I understand it, the house has been torn down. Whenever I fly into LAX and have an "A" seat, I look down into the streets of Hawthorne (2 minutes before you land) and think "that's where it all started."

Yeah, Brian's tops, and I'll always wish him well.


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Hi Keith. Glad you enjoy the BBs, too. Brian really did enjoy that photo. He mentioned it was

too bad that they knocked down that house on w. 119th atreet and other houses to make way for the new freeway. Saw him recently playing SMiLE at Carnegie Hall. We sat behind his wife and 2 girls.

He seems happy. His life wouild make a great movie, a la A Beautiful Mind. Supposedly, Rob Reiner is working on such a movie. How about the Bridges brothers to play Carl and Brian and David Spade to play Al Jardine. Enjoy. Marc; mbjlawcpa@aol.com

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David Spade as Al Jardine: Unbelievably, outrageously inspired casting!

And hey, with this thread headed south, I wanted to stoke the Zeppelin thing one last time.

In the late 80s in Chicago there was a, well, I GUESS you could call it a LedZep tribute band called "Dred Zeppelin": they reworked Zep songs for reggae and the singer sang them as Elvis with costume and delivery to boot.



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