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ETV is on the air!


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Chris--You might be in the same boat as I was (until today). I was downloading, but could only listen, not watch the videos. Downloaded Quicktime 7 several times, only to find out today that I am not the administrator on this computer (my wife is). So I had her download Quicktime 7 and voila!, now I can see as well as hear. Oh, and thanks to the B-man for bringing it to us smile --Kirk.

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Muzza--Since my wife is asleep, I can respond to your question laugh Before the computer arrived, I was the expert on everything :rolleyes: Since we lived in the mountains for about 20 years, if it broke, I fixed it. If you weren't pretty self sufficient, good luck out there! Anyway, when we got our first computer, I had neither the time nor the inclination to learn it, and my wife was eager as heck to do it, so I just asked her to show me what I needed to know to get by. I'm still at that stage, several years later spin --Kirk.

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It's so nice, that after all these years, there's still something fresh and exciting to see (and hear). I love the slide!!

Actually, when I was listening to this tune, it really somehow made me aware of how EC, like so many, have built on the foundation of the first R&R guys like Buddy Holly. It's so too bad he went so long ago -- I know he would have "dug" tunes like this ...

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