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Album/CD Titles

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Titles. Who picks them? Artist or label? If vague, who holds the influence?

What I'm getting at as who decided in 1984 for Eric to have another album caled "Eric Carmen"

Did I miss a marketing class?

Debut album, makes sense. Second album, plug the best song, Boats, rather than "Eric Carmen 2". Well done.

Decades later, Eric wrote all the music yet the album is known by all, by the producer, as "The Geffen Album". I don't get it.

One of the best album covers, great song list, but why not get a double marketing whammy by naming it after a perceived single so it's mentioned twice as much, and also reduces confusion with the other "Eric Carmen" album?

EC, I know you've had issues with album art (Tonight You're Mine") song titles ("Hit Record"), etc. so on a related note, what's the story behind the self titled Geffen album?

Seattle Steve

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Marvin you're right. Just curious whose court the ball falls in, or who carries the power on the album title. The Byrds have an album called "untitled" due to a clerical error, on a memo indicating the album was yet to have a name.

It's like the standing joke I do with my kids when I go by the drive-in in the winter and we see "Closed for the Season" on the reader board. "Lousy movie, he dies in the end.."

Marv my point is that even you just called it the "Geffen Album" (not the Carmen album) and you are a hard core fan.. I don't know, even calling it "I wanna hear it from your lips" (or I'm through with love) might have made more sense at the time, at least to me.

I say that with the complete awareness that I don't know how to market a multi-dimensional performer like EC, particularly in todays musical landscape.

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Yes, it was indeed Peter Gabriels idea to title his first three albums that. In fact, he also wanted to title 1986's "So" "Peter Gabriel" as well. But the label (Geffen) disagreed.

Marv, you're right about Chicago titling thier albums with Roman numerals. They're manager , James Willam Guerico felt since most Classical albums use roman numerals that the band should take the same approach. The only studio albums that didnt contain a Roman numeral was the first one "Chicago Transit Authority", and their 13th offering "Hot Streets"


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