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Hey,Choose the covers the Raspberries could make in their reunion concert

Carmen Smalley

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I¥d choose Left Banke¥s She May Call You Up Tonight,Lazy Day and Barterers And Their Wives,Beatles¥Paperback Writer and Fixing A Hole,John Lennon¥s Imagine,and Fotomaker¥s Where Have You Been All My Life?,Pain,If I Can¥t Believe In You,Come Back,Sweet Lies,Bee Gees¥Holyday and Hollies¥Stop Right There(with Darlene on violin).

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These are all songs that I when ever I hear them, I think how much the arrangements sound like something The Raspberries would do...

Jessie's Girl (Springfield)

Like No Other Night (38 Special)

I Walk Away (Crowded House)

Just Between Me and You (Lou Gramm)

Tonight It's You (Cheap Trick)

Till I Hear It From You (Gin Blossoms)

New Sensation (INXS)

When Ever You're On My Mind (Marshall Crenshaw)

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Billy Sullivan did a fantastic rendition of "No Reply" at the HOF show with EC doing harmonies (Billy: Fred and Laura say hi)

I think their bigger problem is going to be filtering down their own songs rather than filling in with covers. But if they did I w ould like to hear their take on "No Matter What" and Eric screaming on Maybe I'm Amazed.

Having said that, I predict, and am happy to see, wall to wall Raspberries on the first show. Work in the covers and the solo stuff down the road.


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I too believe the boys will probably have their hands full just sifting through their own material deciding what to play without adding any covers to the set list...that is unless the crowd won't let them go (imagine us not being able to let them go, can you believe?!?) and they run out of encores that they remember how to play, and maybe some of their old covers come more easily to mind (namely "Be My Baby," "Loco-Motion," "All Right Now," "Roll Over Beethoven," etc.). Then we might hear one or two. Maybe even a Beatles song...But I can say that I will go home happy just to hear RASPBERRIES songs again...played by the guys who made them! And if they throw "Overnight Sensation" or "Starting Over" into the mix despite them not being "this configuration"'s tunes, so much the better!

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