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Lemon Go Lightly!


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OK...so I have an XM Radio (which I got back in 2005 in part because I believed one of the Raspberries concerts from NYC would eventually be aired on it...so much for THAT dream) and am enjoying it very much.

Turns out that yesterday, the Sixties on 6 Channel, the channel on which they play all the '60s music, was doing a salute to a radio station I knew all too well as a child (and no doubt many of you did too). CKLW out of Windsor/Detroit..."The Big 8"...aka the loudest or sometimes ONLY station that would come in on the AM dial of a transistor radio in Cleveland when I was growing up.

When Sixties on 6 does a salute to one of these old AM stations, they not only play the music, they play the air checks, read old announcements, play old commercials, etc., just as the original station would have done.

So, I tune in to hear them do this salute to CKLW. And what do I hear but...a commercial for Clairol's Lemon Go Lightly!!!! Which, as we all now know, Eric was asked to write a jingle for, but apparently they didn't like his.

Well, I am here to tell you...after hearing what they finally used, I can't imagine what made them think that one was so much better! There really wasn't all that much to it anyway!

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I used to"wheel" between WIXY, and CKLW on my transistor radio....CKLW was near the "8" on the dial.You knew you had it when you'd hear "Gratiot and 8 mile Rd"I think every sponsor had a business on Gratiot Rd.!

the DJ, I think, was Byron McGregor, who did a narrative "song" in the '70's with "America the Beautiful" playing in the background?

help me out here....

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Danny, I think you are referring to "An open letter to my teenage son". It was about opposition to the Vietnam war and draft card burning. I think the last line if the son burned his draft card was, "From that point on I have no son". I didn't remember it being Byron McGregor but that was over 35 years ago.

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The first time I heard the Beatles was on KDKA in Pittsburgh on the Clark Race show. My sister found this station from Windsor, Canada CKLW that we could pick up on my dad's Philco radio in our basement. We were hooked. My dad was transferred to Cleveland in fall 1964 and we found this station called KYW that had a DJ named Jerry G. He had a program at 8:00 called "The British Countdown". I'm sure Eric remembers it well. With the competition between the British Invasion and music in the states "The American Countdown" was added soon afterward. KYW had quite a lineup of DJs. Martin and Howard in the morning, Jim Runyon midday, Jim Stagg afternoon, Jerry G Night and Jay Lawrence (The Jaybird) graveyard. Jack Armstrong (Big J, Your Leeeedaaah) replaced Jerry G after he left for WCFL in Chicago.

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Just the word "Gratiot" (pronounced "GRASH-it"...ah, yes) brings back memories for me!

But some of you are confusing "An Open Letter to My Teenage Son" with an entirely different animal. That entirely different animal was "The Americans," an essay originally penned and delivered on air by Gordon Sinclair, also a Canadian radio figure, on CFRB in Toronto. That commentary became so popular that recordings of it began airing with various forms of music in the background, and it was eventually pressed in vinyl and sold, with profits going to the American Red Cross. But strangely enough, it was Byron MacGregor of CKLW "20-20 News" (I can still hear his stentorian tones in my head to this day) who got HIS unathorized version out first! He also agreed to donate his profits to the Red Cross, thus avoiding legal issues.

The rest of the story can be found here:


Snopes took it on because after 9/11 "The Americans" began circulating again as an email, misrepresented as a post-9/11 editorial.

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