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Weekend at Bernie's


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Weekend at Bernie's III was terrific in so many ways. The Hogya's hospitality, Julia's cakes, June's birthday, the VH1-Classic video, the music, card signings and the company of great friends with the best musical taste in the world made it so. And...Raspberry-colored m&ms! What a perfect prelude to a Raspberries New York triumph!

Thanks, Bernie and Kath. You're the best!

smile --Darlene

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Thank you Bernie for a lovely afternoon. It was so nice to meet such warm,welcoming people from all over the country and even Japan.Even my wife Lorie who is a casual fan caught a mild case of our fever.I don't know if this is the place- but since British 60's music is a definite Raspberry influence-the Tribute For Mike Smith-lead singer and keyboardist of the DC5 is being simulcast from B.B.'s and can be taped if you or a friend have XM RADIO. It features the Zombies,the Peter and Gordon Reunion (also a 30 plus year deal)and Denny Laine of the "Go Now" Moody Blues and later of Wings.Again ,thank you all.For a 54 year old Rasberry fan who remembers his sense of loss when Baby Let's Pretend was played for only a few weeks on New York Top 40 radio(unbelievable!) Saturday's concert(We couldn't go Sunday)and yesterday's gathering were "Almost Paradise". Cleveland and Sayerville Rock(s)!

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It occured to me as I scanned the sea of smiling faces at WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S. When you get together with your ACTUAL family, you may not have ANYTHING in common with anyone except for the fact that you are, well, family. BUT when the EricCarmen.com FAMILY gets together, even though we're essentially a GROUP of stranger, we actually SHARE a MUCH STRONGER COMMON BOND! And that makes one thing crystal clear: You guys are all like family to us, and I THANK EACH and EVERY one of you for your support!


PS: Julia's cakes ROCKED!

PPS: Harry—The pool is open anytime!

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Bernie (big kiss and hug, baby!) -

Bernie, you advertising guys know how to be pithy and on target - we are a family and your family made us feel so comfortable and welcome in your home. Thanks for opening up your devotion to this band to all of us who share (but probably don't MATCH!!) your passion.

The video, conversation, food and the company were icing on a dream weekend.

Thnak you to SMITTIE for the beautiful gifts - the guitar pins with raspberries logo and the sachets were so beautiful!

Thanks to Julia for the masterworks - delicious cake and the photos were stupendous.

Dave! His lobster rolls didn't disappoint!

God, did I love hanging with you guys and immersing ourselves in the Raspberries cult....

can't wait to do it again.

lots of love,

annie and pete

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World class all around! The vibe was certainly there.....getting to see all these people I've talked to on the web, as well as a few others.

I would have enjoyed it even if they just served grits and pork'n'beans.....it was such a mental

rush.......but the food put it way over the top. I need not say anything else as all of you have said it all already....incredibile selection of quality stuff!!

And yes, Lisa and Cheryl were really good sports and deserve gold medals for that!

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I’ll tell you guys a secret. After the Saturday night show, I was so bummed out about the sound mix that I was seriously considering not even going Sunday night. See, I had been looking forward to my Raspberries weekend for so long and honestly it was a letdown after all that anticipation. I got up Sunday morning and drove to WAB3 not knowing what to expect. Well after meeting all the beautiful people there and hanging out with them all afternoon, their magic began to rub off on me. Bernie, I don’t know how you pulled it off. With everything else that was going on, you managed to put on a spectacular party with the greatest of ease. Bernie, your easygoing way mixed with your fiery enthusiasm is absolutely infectious! I got to meet the legendary Darlene and hear her play the piano. I now have faces to go along with many of the names here. The Lobster Rolls were amazing. The company was even better. I thought somebody spent a Kings Ransom buying those cakes and was shocked to find out they were home made with love by Julia. And then to top it all off with the GREATEST CONCERT I HAVE EVER SEEN? The weekend wound up exceeding my wildest expectations and I would never trade the memories we made for anything. Thanks so much.


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Tony you were not completely left out -- you were mentioned. I had asked if anyone had ever met Tony Cartmill -- no one seemed to answer "yes" frownfrown

Maybe you don't exist ... maybe you are just the cynical, edgy, alter ego of Bernie eekeek

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