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Lips Long Version

Craig Benfer

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I'm sitting here looking at the 12" version of "Lips". On the B-side is the regular version instrumental. Both are 45 RPM. The long version was remixed by John "Jellybean" Benitez, who at the time was Madonna's mix king. The front cover is a close-up of the "back" cover of the Geffen LP, with EC sitting down, leaning back with arms behind head.

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As in Jellybean Benitez?

Wow... he's very well known for being great at what he does. At least you got the best even if it's not your thing, eh? laugh

In a related music industry horror story:

Anyone here familiar with Patrick O'Hearn?

(He played bass with Zappa and Missing Persons... and then did a series of ambient albums in the 80's - '90's...) His label made a remix album without even telling him... he found out by going to Tower and running across it in his bin.... even worse than that the remixes were HORRIBLE! Made by people who had no feel for Patrick's music.

I remember getting it before I knew all this backstory and was completely puzzled how someone so good could put out something so blindingly and obviously missing the mark. I could not stand to listen to it.... I can't imagine how painful that must have been for Patrick.


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