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When will Eric tour?


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This has been an annual question for most of us Eric Carmen fans. I'm talking about an Eric Carmen Tour with a band or even solo "unplugged". Discount the packaged tours with Ringo and Dirty Dancing. Has it really been 25 years since Eric has toured!?!

Almost all Bands or solo Artist's go out on Concert Tour to promote a new album. Let's look at Eric's solo output and tours over the years.

Eric Carmen - 1975 Eric toured with a full band. Headlining (Roxy in LA & Bottom Line in NYC) some Concerts and as an opening act for Sweet. Saw this Concert tour (with row 1 seats) in March 1976 - St. Paul, MN. Eric and band "blew" Sweet off the stage at this show!

Boats against the Current - 1977 Eric toured with a band as an opening act for Hall and Oates. Eric did a partial tour then cancelled many scheduled Concert dates. Including the Met Center - Bloomington MN in March 1978. Had tickets for this one; got a refund. Does anyone know why Eric cancelled out of this tour?

Change of Heart - 1978 No US tour

Tonight you're Mine - 1980 No US tour. Eric played some Concerts in Japan with a full band. Very unusual he would tour Japan and not promote the great lp: "Tonight you're Mine" in the US? There is a very RARE video from this tour available. It was broadcast on Japanese television.

Eric Carmen - 1984 (Geffen lp) No US tour. Eric recorded a video: "I wanna hear it from your Lips" for MTV.

Greatest Hits - 1988 Eric recorded two videos: "Hungry Eyes" and "Make me Lose Conrtrol" for MTV/VH1. Both songs charted in the top 5! Why no Greatest Hits Tour with a band for this album?

Dirty Dancing - Live the Concert 1988. Eric was part of the Dirty Dancing packaged tour. Performed approx 4 songs at each show. Eric cancelled out partway through the tour; due to throat problems. Did not perform at the Minnesota State Fair - August 1988. Had tickets for this one; got another refund.

I was Born to Love You 1998 Eric did a small promo tour in Japan.

1999 US release - No US tour

1999 Raspberries Reunion Tour - Cancelled by management.

2000 Eric and his band play at the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame - March 2000. ONE show only.

2000 Eric toured with Ringo Starr's All Starr band. Each artist played 3 songs. A few dates 4 songs were played by Eric.

2002 A Walk down Abbey Road - Eric cancelled out of tour after 2 dates in Hawaii. Had tickets for the cancelled Concert in Mankato, MN on July 7th. Ticket refunds again.

Eric really has not toured the US since the Boats against the Current album in 1977. With such a strong album and song output; this is hard to believe. Which brings me back to my original question; "When will Eric tour"? Anyone care to give their view or opinions?


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I seen Eric perform "I'm Through With Love" on the TV series "Solid Gold" back in 1985. I am not sure it was on record (lip-sinch) or he performed it live. I did not see him perform "Hungry Eyes" on the TV series "Solid Gold In Concert" back then in 1987 or 1988. I'm not sure if he was on performing at the time. You forgot "My Heart Stops" back in 1991. The song was released on a cassette single. Matt

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Don, yes, 25 years is a long time (shameless plug for my wanna-be song) but here's my take on your timeline:

1975- Eric is at his best on this tour. I see him at the Roxy in Dec. 75 and March 76. He has maximum support of Clive Davis and is being promoted as he should be.

1977- I see Eric open for Hall and Oates at UCLA. Eric deserves to headline, but Hall and Oates are HUGE at this time. Support for Eric is still there at Arista but not as high.

1978- No tour for "Change of Heart". Can only speculate on why, but obviously things are getting more strained between Eric and Clive.

1980- As with the Raspberries, the best album comes at the end of the contract and by then the label is not promoting him at all in the U.S. What a shame!

1984- Eric comes through with a strong effort again, but no giant chart hit and no follow up album.

1988- Eric's second and third biggest hits ("Hungry Eyes" and "Make Me Lose Control") should land him a great record contract and subsequent tour, but the record company wants him to record other people's songs, so the momemtum is lost and the best moment for Eric to strike again is gone.

Anything from around "I Was Born to Love You" on has the additional considerations of family life.

I could go on with all the times I've had to get refunds or missed Eric for whatever reason, but that's not the point of this reply. Oh sure, it's more than frustrating to get your hopes dashed, but it's better to remember the times I have been able to see him and cherish those. When or will we see Eric perform again? I keep hoping that he'll call to see when it will be a good time to come over and play me one more show, but until then...Kirk.

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I think you're more likely to see ME tour than Eric, and I couldn't carry a tune if it had a handle...it's a shame, but the guy just doesn't seem to be into it confused

By the way, wasn't there a second video from the Geffen lp on VH-1, or am I mistaken? I'm thinking perhaps it was "I'm Through With Love"?

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I think Eric could make a gorgeous CD of unreleased gems and take them on tour. We know WE would all turn out to see him! But, it will have to be on his terms and in his own good time. He knows that we and even Bernie have made known our desire for him to go on tour. I don't know how much he's into touring or not, but I still think he would if he had everything he wanted in place. Until he does, we just have to wait. WHEN he does, it will be that much sweeter, and VERY much worth waiting for...Until then, I'm still saying my prayers every night...--Darlene

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I seen Eric perform "I'm Through With Love" on the TV series "Solid Gold" back in 1985. I am not sure it was on record (lip-sinch) or he performed it live.

Hey Matt, I saw Eric on Good Morning America sometime back then being interviewed by Joan Lunden. He also sat down and played "I'm Through With Love" live. Stu
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