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It also turns out that the shows have put Carmen back into a "power pop

frame of mind," songwriting-wise. "Playing with the band has certainly

rekindled some of the rock'n'roll thoughts that I used to have," he admits.

"I think if I were to do anything now, I would think about writing something

for this band, which would be fun to do. We haven't gotten to anything

specific. But I think we could do that. We just have to see if there's

anybody there who wants to buy it."

I've just now seen this article for the first time, and I'm so glad I did. I was toying with sending a question along these very lines to the "Ask Eric" feature, but I wasn't sure I could word it diplomatically enough.

As someone who was there at the beginning and eagerly devoured every article about Raspberries, what always struck me was Eric's passion for the music that influenced him so much. I mean, he was really into it when he talked about The Small Faces, The Who, The Beatles, etc., and you could tell how much this music meant to him, and how it inspired him.

That's why I could never understand the direction his solo career ultimately took. I just didn't get how he could love this stuff so much and then more or less forsake it completely.

It was my fondest hope that the Raspberries reunion shows would do EXACTLY what Eric now says they've done...rekindle the passion for the music he is *meant* to write and perform.

That one quote from Eric is the greatest piece of news I've received in a long time. I can't wait to see where it leads! And, uh, YES...I would want to buy it!

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The piece is Classic Rock was pitched as a "history of the band," which certainly sounds promising :-) Since interviews were just conducted I can't imagine it running for another couple of months. Speaking about press, everyone should check out the new Rolling Stone. It includes RAVE reviews of the first two Raspberies CD reissues.


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