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Playing "devil's advocate," or "Speak of the Devil..." I have to say that starting a sentence with, "I could be wrong about this, but..." is probably the #1 way a lot of insidious "rumours" get started (and I don't mean Fleetwood Mac's album!) Marvin's facts are usually pretty straight. I'll let this one slide. Heh heh. Obviously, you can't believe everything you read.

Thanks, Eric, for setting the record straight.

smile --Darlene

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Since Eric seems to be following this post I'll just throw this out there.

Pyramid records (which is a division of Rhino) released Eric's last solo album in the US. They also put out the re-release of Eric's first solo album. He seems to have a good relationship with them. They also put out a CD of all new material from the Knack a few years back along with a great "greatest hits" package. Somebody at Rhino is obviously a big fan of great Powerpop. I bet Pyramid/Rhino would be EXTREMELY interested in putting out a new CD with new original material from Raspberries and some of the live tracks from the reunion shows. How great would that be for the band and the fans? Great promotional tool for that appearence on Conan. And for radio. And to sell at gigs and stores.

As far as a tour goes, how about putting Raspberries together with "The Knack?" Maybe Raspberries could play solo shows in the big media markets and team up with the Knack in the cities where either band would have a hard time selling out all by themselves?

I really don't Eric is thinking in terms of big money and big hits here. Rather he would like to put on a great show for full houses wherever they play. Eric can sit home and collect royalty checks if he wants, so if he's going out, it's got to be right. Just my two cents for whatever it might be worth.


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I think Darlene has the best predictions! Here's one of mine from back in August of last year:NEWSFLASH: L.A.--The Raspberries will perform a reunion concert outside of Capitol records under a huge tent set up in the parking lot. Capitol will announce the release of a Raspberries boxed-set that will include the unreleased demos from the ill-fated 'Best' collection as well as some outtakes from the studio sessions and concerts. Jimmy Ienner will be there to promote a new single by the 'berries that he produced. A new album may follow. Kirk.


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Not bad, eh? Kirk.

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I think we need to email and call oldies radio stations and let them know there's a Raspberries revolution going on and they need to jump on it! Dig a little deeper for those "other" 'Berries tunes and plug in a few more EC hits and for cryin' out loud Identify the Band. If Billboard is printing stories about the band the stations should be following the trend.

Oh, Hi Eric!

That first Cleveland show was great! It's the only one I could make.

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There's a radio station in Baltimore (WQSR) that plays GATW and IWBWY pretty regularly, and each time they do, they mention that the Berries have reunited and are possibly gearing up for an "Upcoming American tour"... and if a show is announced in Baltimore...."We'll be the first to let you know"...I think that's very cool...and love it every time it's mentioned !! happyhappy M.

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Hi, Eric,

If the pieces are not altogether quite yet for the DVD, to be released for pressing, would you consider Ringo in joining you as part of the re-union tour video?

I think it would be great for Ringo to get the full Raspberries band treatment, he will like it.

It would be fun for the both you.

You both could sing a song with the whole band joining in.

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With all due respect to Joey Molland, he alone is not Badfinger. I like Joey's own stuff, but in no way would I put anything he does as "Badfinger" on the same stage or the same billing as the Raspberries with all original members. Don't get mad Barb, you know I'm a Badfinger fan but Badfinger is gone. I'd be all for Joey opening for the Raspberries under his own name.

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you know, having seen the boys with and without an opener, I need the Berries solo.

Waiting was agony....and I wasn't in the mood to listen any other type of music.

I just agree with everybody - the concerts just whet our appetites for Fresh Berries.

Eric - you do the writing, we kick down doors for the band.

Fair enough?


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Going back to what Jeff said about payola being around for over 50 years now...well, who doesn't know that? What surprised me (and I admit I have a tendency to be naive sometimes about this stuff) is that it was still alive and well. I thought the scandals way back when had cleaned it up. But apparently all they did is force it underground...and for years you had "indie" record promoters passing big bucks along to radio stations to play songs, which income they then reported as being from commercial sales.

Oh well, no one cares about this anymore now that Eric has spoken from the Great Beyond (I think I hear a tremble of thunder coming from the direction of Gates Mills...look out people!)

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Eric and you guys like the Beatles, right/


Ok, for those who like shopping at a mall.

www.spencergifts.com has the look alike of each Beatle member, in cartoon.(Figurines)

It's 11 inches, beautiful like ness, with them wearing blue suits.

Only 19.00 each.

I had taken a look, the figures are amazing.

the likeness is great work.

Take look from the right hand side, I forget where to click, but, you'll find it.

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