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Devil and Deep Blue Sea


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Both versions are super great! I can definitely, absolutely see Kenny Chesney doing a superb job with this one, too! Because of his voice and delivery and also for his ocean and islands Jimmy Buffett type songs on his last 2 cds or so, the "sea" reference works...

All The Best,

Joyce Marie cool

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i hear the air supply "thing" in mikes version,but not in ec's.

i think the vocal makes the entire song. when eric sings (edited version), "there's days i pack my bags etc".. with that joe cocker thing going

it makes the song for me.

the song is about desperation, frustration and the vocal has to reflect that.

thats the only way lines like "damned if i don't, damned if i do" are going to work.

IMO there is only one singer that can pull that off and it's not joe cocker!

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Why he won't release this.

He steals TOO MUCH from himself and Lionel Richie.

Yeah, listen to it again and see if you don't hear MAJOR SIMILARITIES to ALMOST PARADISE and HELLO by Lionel Richie.

Man, too much.


ZUKE crazy

I have to go write a song called HEY JUDE GO ALL THE WAY.

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Just saw your post. Yeah, the chord pattern for the chorus is VERY similar to Almost Paradise and the bridge chord pattern is VERY similar to Hello,

BUT, there are only so many melodies & chord patterns available in life. Eventually, something is bound to sound like something else. The song still blows me away, absolutely love it.

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I'm usually pretty good at picking up similarities between songs. Heck, I thought "Cindy in the Wind" was very similar to "Walk Away Renee" when other people didn't see the connection at all, and it was Eric himself that confirmed that he wrote "Cindy in the Wind" as an attempt to duplicate WAR.

That being said, I'm not at all a fan of "Hello" by Lionel, yet I LOVE "Devil and the Deep Blue Sea". I DID feel the minute I heard it that it sounded familiar, but not to "Hello". I'll have to work harder to determine what song it is that it reminds me of, but I would certainly cross "Hello" off the list of possibilities.

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On D&TDBS: "There's night's we catch on fire & shoot across the sky, there's night's you break my heart, and you won't tell me why" is pretty much a perfect match melody & chord wise to the line in Hello: "You know just what to say, you know just what to do, are you out there feeling lonely, or is someone loving you". And I agree with Cindy & WAR, they have a very similar feel to them.

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Once again, just as there are only so many notes from which to build a melody, there are only so many chords, and even fewer progressions (chord sequences) that even make sense. So...songs are just gonna sound like OTHER songs. It's a given from which every composer has to start. The number of possibilities is much more finite than one would think. Of course, the rhythm, beat, ambience, texture (combination of/numbers of instruments), general sound the composer is looking for, all play a part to minimize/distract attention from this fact, and make the song more individual, different or even SIGNATURE for that songwriter. But...in the end, the possibilities are very finite.

smile --Darlene

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