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The pictures are up!


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The lighting was a little more balanced, maybe not quite as bright as Cleveland. But, better I think. I stayed with the sound guy pretty much the whole show. I used a tripod on the closeup shots (using a pretty long lens). On some of the wide shots I used a flash on the camera as well as a wireless flash on one of the speakers up front. I think Wally was finally front-lit a little more.

I don't know what the final body count was, but I couldn't really move around on the floor. They couldn't have fit too many more people in there. I had to forget about getting back into the the mosh pit with Marlene!

In the next few days I'll post a few more shots. I have a feeling Bernie may come up with something to use some pictures for, so I may have to keep a few tucked away that we haven't all seen.

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Gene, Those photos are HOT! The close-ups are just MARVELOUS!!! You captured the perfect emotions on their faces at the perfect musical moments! What a great eye you have! (Better that you took pictures than loaded the equipment! --Sorry Roadies!) These pictures are worth MORE than a thousand words. The look on the guys' faces says it all. RASPBERRIES ARE BACK--LOOK OUT MUSIC WORLD!!!!

(and Gene Taylor is their PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHER, behind them all the way, documenting every triumphant moment!)

THANKS MILLIONS! smile -- coolcoolcool Love, Darlene

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Gene, those are EXCELLENT! I just got home this afternoon, took a much needed nap (had only ONE hour sleep after the concert before departing for the airport), and am now treating myself to fabulous memories of last night through your pictures! Thank you so much! It was nice to see you again, too.


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