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Just received the book a few minutes ago! Looks great! Haven't read it of course...thumbed through it....looks to be first rate...can't wait to dive into it!

One question...there's no photo of Eric signing it...I thought that one was to be included or perhaps I miss understood.

Thanks for the prompt delivery Bernie!

Tom Estrella

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By tomorrow noon EVERY SINGLE copy of "Eric Carmen: Marathon Man" ordered will be in the mail! (Except of course for those folks coming to the par-tay on Sunday. Everyone attending WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S will have the added fun of having me watch their faces when they recieve their books in person :-)


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Darlene, have you seen your copy yet? Or will that be this weekend at Bernie's? Let me just say that it's a thrill to be listed on the acknowledgements page with you and so many famous names! My name is just below Susan Carmen's, and just in front of somebody's that I probably shouldn't mention until everyone has the book in hand. The C's are a good section to be in! Thanks again, Bernie, for letting me be part of this effort.


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I'm across the continent in Seattle and I just got mine today, about 10 minutes ago. Reading about behind the rehearsals for the HOF show. I can barely put it down to type this.

Only 10 minutes in to it, and I can beleive the depth of the behind the scenes quotes. That must have taken an amazing amount of time to research.

Just like Eric, Bernie's a perfectionist and nailed it. It was well worth the wait. The quality of the book is amazing and I know Bernie must have been presented with all kinds of publishing options, many cheaper I'm sure, but he stuck his neck out, timewise and finacially, and put out something I'm positive, even Eric is proud of.

I'll have a lot more comments after I dive into this.

Thanks Bernie and Ken, and obviously Eric, for taking time to greenlight the project and provide Bernie the contacts and recollections.

Bernie if you need any help on the obvious second printing, call me, I'm a marketing guy.

Eric, let's get out and sell books and your new cd on a limited tour. Ring up Burton.

I'll have this entire book read by Monday.

Gotta go, gotta read.

Seattle Steve

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Book arrived today in Silver Spring, MD. Will get sand in it next week at Dewey Beach, DE. Many thanks.

A few weeks ago, I wrote that my first concert ever was Eric opening for America. I thumbed through the book and the date of the show was in there! Amazing!

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Mine came today!!! I held the package for a little while first--imagining the love and care that Bernie put into the packing. The stamp was pretty and nice and straight, the postmark was clearly marked. I'm gonna save the package too! Opened it up and found the picture of Eric first----way cool! Then, with shaking hands I carefully turned to the autograph! OOOOOOoooooo! The ink is gorgeous!

Allowed myself an hour to look over the photos and other fabulous things that make this such a special labor of love by Bernie and Ken and all those involved. Have a ton of work to do for a big family reunion tomorrow, so will have to read it later.

This is definately a book to cherish!


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