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On American Idol, 2/24


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LA TOYA LONDON, 25,Hawthorne, Calif.

Whose song she'll perform: Eric Carmen

Musical preference: "As far as what I sing, I'm used to R&B and pop." When it comes to listening, "I love classical, alternative, just whatever sounds good to me."

Who is your biggest musical influence? "Whitney Houston, back in the '80s and early '90s. Her voice was just so beautiful to me. I wanted to sing just like that. She was my idol at that time."

Who or what made you want to start singing? "I would watch my aunt. Her name is Zorina London. She used to perform all over the Bay Area and I used to go see her when I was a baby."

Favorite judge: "Simon. He's so unpredictable. I'm always curious to see what he has to say. Sometimes what he says can be so funny, sometimes it's rude, but he's always funny."

Have you learned anything from the judges? "I learned to get out of a comfort zone and just go for something more than being comfortable."

What are your thoughts about singing to a national TV audience?"I think, 'Wow!' A lot of people would love to be in that situation. It hasn't really hit me yet."

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I thought she did a great job and was clearly the best performance of the night.I also think th Tiny Dancer guy should have scored better with the judges.I'll go with him and Latoya moving onto the final 12

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She was great. But what amazed me most was how 'All By Myself' has become a standard. It's gotten to the point where I almost expect it to pop up in movies, tv shows and talent competitions. Ten years ago the song was considered a piece of schlock (sp?) by most (outside of this circle of friends, of course). But its true greatness has survived and it's a joy to hear, and it moves me every time I hear it. I just wish Eric's original got more radio play. That's where it sounds the best. Dave

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You're right. I was proud of Eric last night. The closest comparison I could come to would be "Yesterday" about 20 years ago. Back then, it was the contemporary standard ballad of ballads. Sung everywhere and by everyone. Now, I'd venture to say, it is a lost classic. But "All By Myself" has somehow crept into its spot as the song more often sung on more occasions than any other. In fact, just the other day, I heard someone who works in my office sing it. It must be really cool to have written something with such enduring greatness.


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I agree with Tony. It was a great breakout song for Eric, but if all singers were only known for their first big hit, Madonna would have stopped 15 years ago after "Like A Virgin" et al. Then just THINK of all that we would have missed. crazy

I would love to see someone with the vocal chords to pull it off to get up and sing another of Eric's works. Of course, the whole idea of "idol" is to sing something that everyone knows, so they can compare it to the original. If someone was to get up and sing "I love you, this is a recording", you wouldn't know if they did a crappy job or a great one. By singing ABM, the singer chose something that she was sure the vast majority of people knew.

BTW, ILYTIAR (mentioned above) was sung millions of times, by me as a 4 year old. For some reason, that one line was really great to me, and I sang it OVER AND OVER again, until I'm sure my mom's ears must have bled. No wonder she gave me a tape recorder to sing it into - at least that I way I didn't sing to her!

And I wonder where my son gets it from!


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