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This is GREAT! I'm playing a concert of Russian music on Saturday night (Rach's Symphonic Dances, Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto and Borodin's Polovetsian Dances--really cool music!) and I'll come home really up and ready to stay up for awhile--and I'll get to enjoy some brand new multimedia files! Can't wait!

smile --Darlene

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I thought of Eric after my symphony rehearsal on Tuesday evening as I was speaking to the piano soloist, Gayle Martin Henry, who is a graduate of Juilliard, the sole American laureate of the sixth International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow and only the third American woman ever to reach the finals.

We spoke briefly about Juilliard and I complimented her interpretation of the concerto.

That's when she told me she studied at Juilliard with Rosina Lhevinne (wife of Russian piano legend, Josef Lhevinne and a legend in her own right). She told me she has a "tradition" with the Tchaik piano concerto, because her teacher (Rosina) taught it to her just as her husband Josef was taught the concerto when he studied it with ...TCHAIKOVSKY!!!! Apparently, Rosina had sat in on those lessons.

When I had caught my breath after nearly falling on the floor, I was entranced as she explained how Tchaik himself said this is a long concerto and it would be very boring if all the artist thought about was octaves, because it's all about "heart." Tchaik exhorted his students to attack the concerto aggressively from the very first chords and breathe life into it. I would have loved to have been there to hear Gayle and Eric discuss piano performance!

Needless to say, that was an amazing and inspiring conversation, and she does just that. I can't wait to perform this with her Saturday evening. She's originally from Houston, TX but stayed in the Northeast after attending Juilliard.

It's a very small world, especially in music. One of the Lhevinne recordings was conducted by Jean Morel, a relative of Rene Morel, probably the last world-class luthier alive (he maintains and repairs my instrument and those of classical luminaries).

Incidentally the Lhevinnes received gold medals upon graduating from the Moscow Conservatory, after which they married in 1898,emigrated here to teach at Juilliard in 1924 and literally made it the premiere piano school in the world.

Tchaikovsky received only a silver medal upon graduating from St. Petersburg Conservatory. Go figure... confused

smile --Darlene

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Looking for something to do on a rainy day? (Well, it *is* raining in the New York area today.) You're all invited into my "Way-Back" machine for a trip back to 1974! I just uploaded a terrific RADIO SHOW unheard for over 30 years! How do I know that? Well, I personally had the original reel-to-reel tape transferred to CD, that's how :-) Listen to the boys talk about their new album, STARTING OVER, just weeks after finishing up the recording sessions.

A new video file will be uploaded tomorrow morning. Until then, enjoy the trip to 1974! And save some Tang and Quisp cereal for me!



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WOW Bernie....This stuff is so great! I feel like I'm back in the 70's listening to the radio.

I LOVE listening to the guys discuss the songs, their music influences, etc. I knew the guys felt the same things we all felt, but it's interesting to hear them actually voice it. That's why their music touched me way back in the 70's and continued to touch me through my life. I'm sure I will listen to this file over and over. THANKS BERNIE...YOU ARE AWESOME!


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