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I need a headcount!


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Julia, Herman and I will be there, to eat your CAKE! Have you decided what it's going to be like yet? You probably want it to be a surprise, but take pictures so we can preserve it! Then you can put a styrofoam model of it in the window of your cake shop!

smile --Darlene

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Hmmmm, with so many coming, and some wanting chocolate, and some wanting vanilla, I'm thinking it might be best to bring decorated cupcakes, some chocolate, some vanilla.

Or I could bring two sheet cakes, I dunno.

This is why I asked for a headcount, so I could better plan what to make. laugh

Anyone up for a cupcake fight at BB Kings? wink

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No, no fillings, whatever I bring is going to be sitting out unrefrigerated way too long to even think about that, plus filled cakes have a tendency to want to shift, and we're driving two hours plus with it. Every time we stop, there's a potential for the cake to slide more and more. It might arrive perfectly intact or it might not, but I'm not taking chances.

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