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What song would you like to hear Eric cover next ?


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Eric has covered a song on many of his albums.What song would you like to hear him cover on

his next album. Am I being a bit optimistic here? The song that Eric could just Kill and has Erics

traits all over it is 'The First Cut Is The Deepest'. The original version by Kieth Hampshire NOT Rod Stewart. I dare any one to disagree that Eric could not nail this and make it HIS .

What if we could narrow this down to say,5 or 6 songs and Bernie could present it to Eric to pick from? I think that Eric owes us a little consideration....Could be his gift or thanks to us who support him with so much passion...


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Darlene, I never knew it was a Cat Stevens song till today.But Eric could NAIL this song. I already can hear his screaming passionate vocal belting out the lyrics... the break... the piano ... single notes ala 'Boats'... the drum...ala 'ABMS'...

I know this one could put EC back on top!!!!


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Here's a few off the top of my head:

Survivor- "Eye of the Tiger"

Toto- "99"

Dan Hill- "Sometimes When We Touch", which was covered by Rod Stewart.

These are some songs that I certainly like but aren't top-notch favorites. Maybe Carmen could take them to the next level.

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Greg's idea is good. Redo "Hey Deanie" with Wally playing a harder guitar track. Speed up the beat so more people can dance. Keep a similar vocal arrangement and harmonies but Eric sings the lead with a little harder edge. That Guitar riff is one of the catchiest riffs ever in pop music. Even Mellencamp ripped off part of it for his first big hit "Hurts So Good". "Hey Deanie" deserves another shot with these changes, and speed up the damn beat! angry

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Oh, I would LOVE to hear Eric sing "Maybe I'm Amazed". I think the critics would eat him alive though.

The other songs that come to mind are:

"Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress"--Hollies(?)

"Hot Blooded" --Foreignor

"Vincent" --Don McLean

"Billy, Don't Be A Hero" --Just seeing if you're paying attention.... crazy

Heck, I think he could do an awesome job on the International Ladies Garment Workers song--you know, "Look for....the Union Label......etc..!" --Julie

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I'd love him to cover some of his own songs!!!!

Like the gorgeous "Devil and the Deep Blue Sea."

If he never did anything else (which is a ridiculous thing for me to say, because I truly believe he will record when he's finished working and is ready), I would die happy if he would put

"Devil" out there, with some live instruments like

in Bernie's "present." WOW!

I do feel that only live instruments can do justice to the gorgeous timbre of his voice. His

voice has so many colors to it, that the "canned"

accompaniment is so flat and one-dimensional, that

it does not complement his luscious tone quality at all.

Of course, I would buy "Devil" (and any of his other unreleased material), even if it were accompanied by a kazoo, but if he would only release it with live instruments, I would die very happy...

smile --Darlene

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Sorry Darlene but I still feel that "Devil" needs some serious editing before it is even close to being released. As it stands in the present version, it is overblown, over melodramatic and about 2 minutes too long. I know others love the song, so this is just my opinion.



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Yes, I would love to have Eric release a "Rarities' type CD, even if it was only sold on the internet. I'm sure everyone here would order advance copies.

A song by a one hit wonder (Marvin...help?)that I always thought Eric would have made huge was the them song to "St. Elmo's Fire". Man, I can hear Eric doing the screaming and just killing on those high notes. (I can see that jaw sticking out, as he hits the notes!)

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