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Small World in Raspberriesland


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Berriesland can be like six degrees of separation. I discovered that Phil is from Peoria, ILL, his parents and he probably saw me play in the Peoria Symphony in 1968-70, and, to top it all off, he went to Peoria High School and knew very well Roanoke-Benson HS that I taught at my first couple of years! He even knew Coach Broers, the guy who taught me to drive! How wild is THAT?! He also knew the very best place to park on a date in Peoria--Grandview Drive, but, er, well, that's another story...Anyone else ALMOST know someone else from the board before?

smile --Darlene

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Not someone from the board (aside from Razzmichi, of course), but when you grow up in northeast Ohio it's like everything is six degrees of Raspberries...I first became familiar with Choir songs, for example, because a former neighbor of mine turned out to be a young lady who had done laundry for them back in the day. When she found out my sisters and I were Raspberries fans, she lent us her old 45s of them. Then there was the elderly woman who worked at our local library, who used to let the 'Berries rehearse in her garage in Mentor in their earlier days, and made them cabbage rolls...Mrs. Waldman, her name was...then as my sisters grew older and continued to live here after I moved away, they ended up tripping over various 'Berry relatives, mostly Wally's.

The funny thing is, when my youngest sister got married, she actually married a distant relative (second cousin or something) of none other than ex-Choir member Dann Klawon. Now THAT was not planned, it's just how it turned out. As a result, though, I always say my nieces have "Choir blood" running in their veins and encourage any musical talents they show...after all, they could grow up to write another "It's Cold Outside"!

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We just stumbled into each other at a few IPO's.

There are a few others around here who give me a run for my money and put me to shame.

I have a few decades I am still trying to piece together

as I was pretty WIRED then!


Good seeing a few "familiar posters" around here.

In the immortal words of Rodney Dangerfield...

"Hooo...yer a good crowd!"


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No, Luke, *I* am your father! LOL!...

Seriously, Darlene, I met Kay Bryson at the Rock Hall the first time I ever went...out of the blue...I was standing in front of what was then only a very small display of materials collected from Ohio rock groups (they made it a big permanent display in '03 in honor of the state bicentennial) and of course why was I there? To see whatever they had from the Raspberries, of course. And I'm standing there and this group of people comes along and one of the kids says "Look, there's Uncle Wally's guitar!" I could not believe that on the day I come to the Rock Hall, that's the day Wally's wife picks to show her nieces their uncle's stuff...She was so nice, even took my picture and mailed it to me (the museum people were trying to get her to stop taking pictures until they found out who she was!)

I'm also having this memory float back to me that one of Wally's sisters was living in the same condo rental complex that my family was living in for most of the '80s. I lived there myself only a year--between college and grad school--but I vaguely remember the younger sis wandering around the complex and saying that by befriending some of the kids she'd run into Wally's sister. (In case anyone from Wally World is lurking, this would be Westwood Village on Mentor Avenue in Painesville.)

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Trindy, That must have been fun, hearing Kay tell her nieces about "Uncle Wally's" guitars! And your sister met Wally's sister! The first day I worked in Zales Jewelers at the local mall here, I met a district manager from the wig store across the way. She said she was from Ohio, and the first question I asked her was, "Do you know Eric Carmen and Raspberries?" She said, "Oh yeah!

My aunt does Eric's aunt's hair." She lived in Dayton at the time, but traveled around the country in her work. Small world, huh?

smile --Darlene

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