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Saturday Showdown


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Ok it's not Saturday, but since the subject was brought up, how about "Cruisin' Music", "Driving Around" and "Top Down Summer."? My choice?

Cruisin' Music - combines the best elements of the Beach Boys' "This Whole World" & "Do It Again", and still comes out sounding fresh.


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I've got to concur. While I love them all, there's just something extra-special about "Cruisin' Music" that puts it ahead of the rest. It's got a great beat. It always sounds fresh and fun. (Gosh, maybe it really is the tamborine?! I kind of always associate the tamborine with Tracy of 'Partidge Family' fame.... :P )Anyway, I've always thought it was better than any other "beach" song I ever heard.

It's all layered and lush and polished without losing the spontanaity that goes hand and hand with the genre. Cool! --Julie

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My choice would be "Drivin' Around" by a nose over "Cruisin' Music" (2nd), She Did It (3rd) & "Top Down Summer" (last). Speaking of tamborines, check out bugaloos.com & compare with Caroline Ellis who played "Joy" in the Saturday morning series (there are pictures of her wearing the pink butterfly suit) against Susanne Crough "Tracy" of "Partridge Family". If I would have to choose, I would pick "Joy" over "Tracy". Matt

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