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"Tony I'm a pretty regular guy - especially when I eat properly! As far as rare videos go, we each had to sign a contract with Bernie that no info would be shared outside the confines of 62 Creamer Drive."

Oops. My post above was based only off this thread. Read on later and saw the above quote. As much as I wish I was there and in on it...If anything went down on the hush hush, I encourage the attendees to honor the gag order, and not screw it up for future encounters or put Bernie in a compromised positon.

I'm going to make one of these. Serious about the West Coast version.

Seattle Steve

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You know how you can get those fake sideburns, why don't you get some, try them on, then take a

picture and let us see, ok

That would be so awesome! Bernie

You would be in a better film , better than Saving Silverman", that would be sure, I'm talking about a Biography film on Neil Diamond, his life story, how he got into music.

Not some teenage movie where a teenager wants to see Neil Diamond in concert, not 12 minute cameo, I mean the real thing.

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I take terrible pictures...a "hottie?" Wow! That makes me feel twenty years--no--THIRTY years younger! Thank you, Jennifer! No kidding, though, years just melted away at this party as we reminisced back to when we were all much younger and recalled some of the best concerts, performances and the "originals" from the aol board talked about their experiences exchanging posts with Eric. None of us felt as old as we are at this party! Bernie's gorgeous pool provided a perfect backdrop for such fun. I loved June's story about bringing a huge stuffed monkey to one of Eric's concerts, and he knew who she was as soon as she approached him! And JuliaD's, about the one time she had a chance to meet Eric, as he was grabbing a cigarette between breaks, and, though it killed her, she exercised restraint and chose not to bother "the poor guy on his only time alone." She's truly a fantastic person. And that cake....! When I get my pics developed, I'll ask how to post them and try. I DID have dark brown hair in the photo I posted on my 1000th post. You weren't imagining it. I think I also explained that I changed my hair to blonde after that (about 4 years after). I'll have to post a decent recent picture, if I have any.

Bernie is as nice a guy as he looks. He IS calm and positive--the BEST! All fans I met are good-looking, youthful people. I'm sure everyone else is, too. If we were all single, it would make for one heck of "social mixer," to get everyone all together. The person who surprised me the most, was Marvin. Reading some of his more cynical-sounding posts, I thought he would be an older guy, kind of cynical. When I came through the gate, he was the closest person at the table to me. He stood up and said "I'm Marvin," and he is just the youngest, cutest (to borrow Jen's word) "hottie," one could imagine. However, he's taken, ladies, by Kristy. Now HE looks like a teenager. How do you do it, Marvin?

smile --Darlene

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Darlene thanks for the flattering words. I'm a teenager alright - at heart. In reality I'm 44 going on 45 (October), and most people don't believe that when I tell them.

Don't know if I came from the furthest away or not, but I came via Calgary and Montreal. This was my last chance to come to the area because my NJ in-laws are moving to Florida. Who knows when I'll have another free accomodation stay in NJ?


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I got to show everyone my pictures of me and Eric in Hawaii. I am very proud of these pictures but they came by accident. When I saw Eric at the Hall of Fame Show, I had my picture taken with him, but I used film that I had already used in Hawaii, for my 25 anniversary by accident. They were arial shots from a helicopter trip we had taken, so the backround is beautiful.

I also got a nice shot of Steve and his wife Cindy in Hawaii with Eric that I showed everone so Steve you were with us. There was a nice shot of Ken there too in Hawaii with Eric. I guess I do some some things a little different!! June hahahahahaha

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