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Okay, so it sounds like I'm not gonna be too late to enjoy the festivities, yay!

I will get there around 2:30 - 3 PM, so please save me a hamburger and a beer! In return for your kindness, I will bring some sort of "specialty" cake I make myself (I'm a cake decorator). Last party at Bernie's I made a Cookies n' Creme cake, and everyone liked it, hopefully whatever I make this time will be a hit too. You'll all probably be sloshed by the time I get there anyway, and your tastebuds will be shot. haha

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I'm not allowed to travel with the massive leg blood clot - nice excuse not to have to attend dreaded family reunions and holidays, but not so nice when it means missing out on "Weekend at Bernies" for the second time! It's not worth risking breaking free a piece of the clot and having it travel to the heart or brain, unless Eric is going to be there, and then it actually might be worth the risk! Only kidding. I have to stay alive long enough to see that next album release and tour! laugh

Here's hoping that someone hooks up a web cam so we can all see what we're missing. Anyone volunteer to read portions of the book?

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Looks like I got the "double whammy" on this one.....was trying to get a block of time off work so I can go to the Olympics......had the Bernie's weekend off, but traded it for another, before I knew about the event.

As it turns out, I still do not have ALL the days that I wanted off----so I will be neither here nor there.

I will definitely be playing "Goin' Nowhere Tonight" and thinking of you folks!!

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If Bernie can travel 10 hours each way to pick up Marathon Man, doesn't it seem possible for Eric to hop on a plane to Newark, (1 hour 15 minutes), take a town car to Bernie's (20 minutes), mingle with his minions, play a few tunes on the piano, take a few photos and be back home in time to tuck the young'uns into bed???!!!

I'll even throw in my frequent flyer miles!!!

Heck, I'll even pick him up at the air port!!


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i have been trying for two weeks to "shuffle things" around so i can attend, but that won't be happening ( i have children scattered over 2 states already)!!!!

so while i'm driving at least six hours, i will be listening to my eric "unreleased"(no ec does not have a cd he has not released, its just bernie's offerings all put together!) cd and hoping you folks are having a great time.

But here is an idea we may want to "kick" around for the future.

let's plan (sometime next year) to get a hotel in Cleveland that has a large banquet room and have our first "Eric-Fest"

if we have it in cleveland all ec would have to do is "drive" on over....heck since you and ec are such good friends bernie, maybe eric could suggest a place to host our event.

we could extend an invitation to get ken sharp to attend, and maybe extend invitations to a few ex-berries.

who's up for ERIC-FEST 2005????????

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