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Right now I'm pretty absorbed with finishing the book and arranging to ship 'em all out in a timely fashion, but it looks like WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S 2-1/2 ('cause the second official get together was cancelled last year) is on!

When: Sunday, August 8, 1:00 p.m. 'til ?

Where: EricCarmen.com Headquarters, New Jersey :-)

RSVP at: raspbernie@ericcarmen.com for directions

Also, I can hang onto any books that have been ordered and hand 'em to you personally if you're coming. My best guess is that books won't be arriving in mailboxes until the following week, so this way you can get your copy before everyone else! There might even be a little extra "parting gift" for all attendees!! Not to mention a big-screen TV airing of RARE Eric Carmen/Raspberries videos :-)

So let me know if you're coming and I'll put your book in a safe place. That way you can be among the first to read "ERIC CARMEN: Marathon Man" as well as avoid the problems associated with your mailman accidentally sitting on the box while driving that little mail truck :-)


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Ah, Bernie, that's pretty hard for the rest of us, those who just cannot make it on such short notice, to handle! A trip to the east coast is pretty tough to arrange for me, and especially within two weeks. I'm trying not to be jealous, but it's pretty painful not to able to join in the fun to start with, then on top of the fun, the attendees will getting a gift! If I could make it to the party, I sure would be there! Sounds like a great time!!! (Don't mind my crybaby mode, Bernie and everyone else, I just hate missing out on all the fun!)


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Despite the fact that Darlene and I both live in Cranbury, NJ (which by virtue of shear numbers, makes this idyllic village official base of the EC fan club!!), we have yet to meet. If traveling 20 miles north is what it takes to finally meet the diva of this dot com, count me in!!!

Dave (aka lobsterlvr)

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A good friend and I are planning to attend Bernie's get-together. We've been CarmenHeads since the first time "Go All The Way" bounced off the radio--and we're looking forward to swapping stories with other EC obsessives attending. See you there!--Larry

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Bernie, I have a suggestion, if you don't mind.

How about hooking up a computer and webcam in the main party area and broadcasting video from the party using Yahoo Messenger? That way others from the forum can see what is going on and chat interactively from time to time with passersby who would like to chat with the internet visitors.

I have done this kind of broadcasting from events before and it's great! A lot of fun for everyone! All you need is a Yahoo ID (is Raspbernie available?) and the latest version of the software, plus a cam.

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That's a great idea. We could all 'be' at the party, without having the expense of traveling, taking time off work, etc. Too bad life gets in the way of some really great plans, huh? Personally, I'd be there in a minute except that I'm not supposed to be travelling the the blood clot in my leg. Something about cabin pressure causing part of the blood clot to break off and kill me. Same with sitting too long (hence no long car rides) - lack of circulation can cause blood to pool and more clot of form. We were planning on taking the baby to meet the familly in Australia soon after he was born, but massive clots have a way of stuffing up plans!

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