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The MOJO 1000 Essential Albums

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The British rock zine MOJO's 1000 Essential Albums List has The Choir's (Wally, Dave and Jim from Raspberries) "Choir Practice" CD, which features their 1967 hit "It's Cold Outside," at #236 in its "Ultimate CD Buyers Guide" --- "the 1000 Essential Albums" --- list at: http://www.muzieklijstjes.nl/Mojo1000alf.htm . Raspberries "Power Pop, Volume 2" appears at #749 on the list (which is alphabetical, so the numbers are meaningless).

This also gives me a chance to plug Wally's son, Jesse Bryson, who is in New York working on a solo album. According to his MySpace page at http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=16251586 , he has a solo show coming up May 4 in Brooklyn, New York. Details are on that page, as are music clips and a picture of Jesse that reminds me so much of a young Wally Bryson.

After hearing Jesse's work on The Bryson Group's CD "Dry" (with Wally and The Choir's Kenny Margolis joing Jesse on that CD), Raspberries' producer Jimmy Ienner said, "The harmonies are so good, they're absurd. The world needs to hear this music," and I agree totally with Jimmy --- great album.

Don Krider smile


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Well there's a real mixed bag on this list. Can't figure out how Choir finishes ahead of Raspberries. I've got 77 from this list.


Marv, Don mentioned that the list is "alphabetical so the numbers are meaningless."

That may also help explain how Buju Banton finished ahead of The Choir who finished ahead of The Raspberries who finished ahead of Huong Thanh.

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