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A (Music) Lover's Question?


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Forgive my bad pun/allusion to a fine Clyde McPhatter song but I really do have a question for the amazing musicians/historians I find on this site.1) I think(?) that the first post Beatle-McCartney single I ever heard was "Just Another Day".I always loved the way the song just opened with Paul's voice and virtually- NO musical intro-as if heralding Paul's new career.2) I always loved "Baby Let's Pretend" and the way the song just opened with Eric's voice and virtually-NO musical intro- heralding ,yet another,(but somehow very different kind of) Raspberries single wherein Eric is once again requesting an evennig of"intimacy"- albeit in a more balladic,romantic ,manner. QUESTION: Is the dramatic vocal opening on both songs just a coincidence? A tribute from Eric to Paul? Am I a little off base? And another thing. At the Raspberries shows this song was great!However there is instrumentation before Eric's magnificent"I can't sleep nights"(Whewww!)Is opening the song with no guitar intro hard to do live or was this a different interpretation by a great band?I'd love to hear some insights.Have a great weekend everyone.

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I've always identifed Let's Pretend with Wouldn't it Be Nice. They're both "in the future" and have the "boy" singing to the "girl". "Don't Worry Baby" has the "boy" singing (to himself? to you?) the verse and the girl answering in the chorus ... no?

In any case I think it's safe to say EC was channeling Brian in the song.

It was cool to read in "Marathon Man" that Eric wrote "Let's Pretend" and "I Wanna Be with You" in the same weekend, which he considered "not bad work." Roger that.

As for the instrumental intro, probably just an arrangement choice. I doubt Eric needs the key played to start the vocal like, well, I would.

Another great, GREAT song that starts cold on the vocal is "All My Lovin'".

... Close your ... eyes ...



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I wrote a ballad with a chorus influenced by "Nowhere Man". That melody is timeless!

My song is more sophisticated, with the music hook and intro a point/counterpoint with acoutic guitar and piano, great lyrics, 3 part backing vocal harmonies, good sax solo, and a bridge that would impress even Eric...Wrote it all in my head, very proud of it...never recorded it...Such is my life...A series of unfulfilled dreams...

Thank you for listening to my psychiatry session. How much do I owe you? frown

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By the way Travis, it was Pete on lead vocals on Day After Day. Come and Get it was Tom's Lead but other than that the hits were mostly done by Pete Ham. Day after Day, Baby Blue, No Matter What. They had great albums, and although the hits were great, the songs on the albums by all the members were exceptional, I am a big fan of bands using more than one lead vocalist even if that vocal is not what record companies would call "commercial quality". Raspberries also do this. I got tired of JOurney when all songs were sung by Steve Perry. Reo Speedwagon used Bruce Hall on some songs and that was a good thing.

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