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Favorite Carmen musical riffs:

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Since Eric Carmen is a master of the catchy musical intro, and so good at filling any potential dead spots in his songs, let us recall our favorite little musical riffs from his music.

No! Not the piano intro to "All By Myself"! More like the middle piano instrumental on the long version. Others that come to mind: The little bass roll on "Isn't It Romantic", the building string orchestration on "Boats Against The Current", the string counter melody in "Love Is All That Matters", the screaming guitars in the chorus of "Spotlight"...Your turn.

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Now this may cause a stir, but my favorite musical oddities that Eric does are when he covers an old song. The sudden stop and harmonies in "Walk Away Renee" raised the hair on the back of my neck. Of course the bag-pipe sound at the start of "Tonight Your Mine" has to rank up top too.


PS -- You have to remember I am just a Jr, member and therefore not to be taken as seriously as you senior citizens.


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I also love the bagpipes on "TYM." Here are some of my personal EC solo moments:

1. The chorus of "That's Rock and Roll" - especially when the horns kick in

2. The incredibly catchy choruses of "Last Night" and "My Girl." Ear candy indeed!

3. Start to finish of "Boats" - a great melody

4. The Beach Boys' styled vocals of "She Did It" and "Someday" and "I Think I Found Myself", and the bridge of "ITIFM."

5. "Desperate Fools" - wonderful melody and lyrics

6. "Baby I Need Your Loving" - his best cover song

7. "It Hurts too Much" - power ballad perfection.

8. "The Way We Used to Be" - another perfect melody and story

9. "Make Me Lose Control" - great accapella section. Who are those singers anyway????

10. "I Could Really Love You" - the saving grace of the "Winter Dreams" cd. WE WANT MORE WALLY!!!



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Here are a few Eric moments that send shivers up my spine:

1. The part in "She Remembered" when she remembers.

2. Everything after Eric sings "Baby don't leave" in "If You Change Your Mind."

3. The part where Eric sings "In the spring the sun will shine and make the ice surrender. But it will not warm my heart as long as I remember," in "I Can Remember."

4. "Love Is All That Matters."

5. The last time Eric sings "But I want it now!" in "I Don't Know What I Want."

6. The "I was a dreamer. You were a dreamer." line in "Boats Against The Current."

7. "Desperate Fools," when the harmonica kicks in.

8. When the drum breaks and there's that cool little pause before Eric starts screamin' "I did it ALL FOR LOVE!" in "All For Love."

9. When he sings "To-night...you're...MI-IIIII-IIIII-IIIIINE!" and hits that ultra high note!

10. The last refrain in "The Way We Used To Be" when Eric repeats, "It's not too late for you and me. To be in love again the way we used to be."


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1. "If You Change Your Mind" great screaming at the end ("Baby, don't go" just kills me!)

2. The scream at the end of "Go All The Way" and the "c'mon" exchanges. Classic!

3. He does the disco album and then on the last song "Desperate Fools" slam dunks the music industry (and himself to an extent) by saying "I'm startin' to be what they want me to be and I wonder sometimes what's becoming of me?" (Had that taped to my piano for many years when playing at weddings! LOL, but true!)

4. "I Can Remember" the line "I needed you to be the other half of me"...just so emotionally sung....we've all been there!

5. "Let's Pretend" the Flipside part when the music disappears...I can't stop smiling!

6. The ending of "The Way We Used To Be". Rips my heart open, thinking about past experiences.

7. "It Hurts Too Much" Powerful start...should have restarted his career with the right marketing of this song! My fourteen year old daughter plays this song constantly in her room! (I'm not complaining!)

8. The groan at the end of "Boats".... textbook classic Carmen moan!

9. The distinct Raspberry harmonies in "Don't Wanna Say Goodbye"...you can just hear Eric bleed through with emotion (there's that word again!)

10. "Sunrise" everything about it...intro, music, harmony, lead singing...love it all! Has to make any list of mine!

The original question was about "riffs" and I must mention a unique one. Eric's piano playing on Ringo Starr's "Back Off Bugaloo" from the tour was incredible! Just great riffs while vamping away...you could see him smiling while playing....wish a version existed someplace!

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I know I've said it before, I love the part in "I Wanna Be With You" when Eric sings "so bad" when he goes up a major sixth and hits the high note on "bad..." dead bang every time and sound so GOOD...

Other than that, Bernie you hit all my "shiver spots" right on the nose! (spine?)

smile --Darlene

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Hey Tony, you may be right about Darlene, I would have loved to see her face the first time she heard Erics voice slide up the scale in Caroline No. That may be the best vocal "riff" of all time. I can't get close in falseto tones.

TaaAAkkEE mYYYYY HAAAnddd--man its hurts to type it.


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Okay, guys, knock it off! Besides, Tony, I'm getting older. I was 25 when I went to those shows and sat in the front row. I could do convulsions then. Now I can manage a mild fit...

Yes, I DO love Caroline, No! I guess if I listened long enough, I could work up a convulsion...I've turned my girlfriend Judy on to Eric's music, and she's a musician (pianist). She gets very excited about it. I guess I'll end this with a convulsive graemlin for Tony and Jim. crazy --Darlene

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Greg you are so right! A productive Brian Wilson should bring E.C. out of musical hibernation. That is a good question for Ask Eric.

And Greg, don't knock my methods of institutional admittance...There are many advantages to living part time in a padded room.

When I ask the ladies to come on over to my pad, it ain't just a line.

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Hey Tony, sounds like you definately have a system with the ladies. I'm just not certain i'm comfortable with you having access to straight jackets!

As for Erics riffs...

the most underated EC balled of all time.."heaven can wait!"

oh and Tony...when i sign on to the message board i can always tell your post first because i can see the last 3 characters of your sign on name...is'nt ironic that they happen to be "ILL"! crazy

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I'm sure Tony wasn't always like this (running nude in the neighborhood, straitjackets and wild comments). He gave it away when he signed his name "Anthony Cartmill." Aha! A good Catholic boy who made his communion and confirmation looking absolutely angelic, with his Aunt Antonietta looking on! Tony, WHAT HAPPENED?!!!! smile Darlene

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