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All By Myself in new movie

Ron Sutton

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I saw a preview today at the movies for a new film called "Forgettng Sara Marshall" its from the same guys that did "40 Year Old Virgin' And "Knocked up",The Preview feathured about 30 seconds of Eric singing "All By Myself". Below is a link to the trailer. Film is due out in May 2008, I"m trying to find info about the soundtrack.


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I was totally knocked out the first time a heard a promo for the film "Almost Famous" and "Go All the Way" blasts from the TV set.I couldn't believe my ears.My wife and I went to see that movie because of the song.They only played a short piece in the actual movie,but it was still great to hear it in the soundtrack.There are a ton of Raspberries' songs that could fit into movie soundtracks or TV commercials.

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