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7/24 - Keswick Theatre

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Well, I guess we've solved the problem of what to wear then, we can wear our striped shirts and look like those weird people who go to Disney in groups and all dress alike! Yes, it was fun, but exhausting, I can't seem to catch up on my 2 weeks of sleep deprivation.

To put a pic on your profile, you have to have a pic of you posted somewhere else on the web, then take the URL of your pic and put in in the "pic" space in your profile editing options. I sell on ebay, so I have Andale picture hosting, which I pay a monthly fee for, and so I put my pic on Andale. If you have a webpage with your pic on it, you can use the URL from that, too, right click on the pic, and where it says "properties", copy the URL and paste it in the box on the profile editing options.

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What is the scouting report from the Hawaii shows? What solo songs did EC play? Raspberry songs? Who cares about the other guys in the band? When is EC going to have his own band to play just his songs? (That's a lot of questions). See you at the Keswick. I'm practicing screaming, "ENCORE ERIC, ENCORE!!"


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