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American Idol Redux

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I was so pissed off last night angry all the little girls in America must love Kris...even the judges were suprised he made it into the finals...this season makes me believe that the judges should have the final say in who gets in....America got it WRONG...this has been the worst season of Idol...I'm not worried about Danny...he'll get a record deal....but please send Kris packing next week....if he ends up winning this thing...I'm done with this show...its rigged

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This is a really great show tonight!! Jason Mraz, Rod Stewart, Carlos Santana and Keith Urban were just amazing.

My poor cat's ears were twitching during one of those awards though-the girl that Simon said sounded like a cat going off the Empire State Building!!!

GO KRIS!!!!!!!


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Well, that was kind of cool, actually. The underdog wins! You've gotta love it.

Adam Lambert sure seemed like a shoo-in. He was pretty impressive, and it didn't appear as if anyone could beat him. Maybe the masses just prefer a more "grounded" kind of singer rather than spectacular or mercurial. And Kris Allen does have sort of a Jackson Browne appeal. Maybe he scored points, too, because at various times he played guitar and piano during performances.

In the final analysis, though, no matter who had won, they were both headed for record deals and fame and fortune and all that good stuff. Probably Danny Gokey (sp?) too. And I still like Lil Rounds' voice (and name!).

There was a short bit (a Ford commercial, I think) where Kris and Adam sang together, just the two of 'em, and it was pretty good. They'd make a great duo, wouldn't they? (Allen and Lambert-funkel?)

Very entertaining....

PS: Wasn't it great to hear "Maggie Mae," even if Rod's voice sounded a bit fatigued? And I've always loved that Kiss ballad "Beth."

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Very entertaining show tonight. Loved seeing Adam sing with KISS and both Adam and Kris with Queen.

Was not a surprise at all that Kris won. I expected it. Once Danny was voted off, most of Danny's votes then probably went to Kris. Adam is a far better singer, and will be successful as well, if not more so than Kris. But this is a popularity contest as well, and Kris has a much broader appeal than Adam.

But this was the first season I watched all the way to the end. A great final two, and a great show. Loved the Idol Awards as well...thought they were funny.

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arrgh It does not make me happy, but I am not surprised that Kris won. Yep, Danny's votes probably went to him. But Kris' win is just an example of how far things have fallen (or how old I am getting)when you realize that the voters who pushed him to victory are the same ones who purchase what is on radio today!!

Adam is still the one and will have a stellar career!! Kris is cute (in a homeless puppy sort of way). Since I am cutting into my valuable work out time by posting this thread I am going to cut it short.

On a side note....did anyone notice that Michael "The Dog Killer" Vick was released yesterday??? Actions like that beg the question..."Why is Eric Carmen still on lock down???" insane

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Vick served his time..and EC's doing his. It's one thing to do the time...it's another to learn and grow from the experience.

I hope Vick moves on with his life in a positive manner with true contrition.....however I can't for the life of me reconcile within my mind...how he did the heinous things he did.

Now should he be allowed back into the NFL? Shockingly I say yes, but if I were an owner...I wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole!


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