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American Idol Redux

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"Danny, Adam, and Allison..are my picks for the final 3.........to be honest, I wouldn't buy any of their CD's"

My 3 too. For my taste, (and drama) I hope that we are done with Lil Rounds and Anoop next week.

Disco week is a killer, could make a good singer look awful. Song choice/arrangement big factor. Look to see Adam totally rearrange something. I believe the beforementioned top 3 have built up enough credit to move on no matter what, everyone else on bubble.

Chris has the best chance of making my cd player someday, but I just don't think has a chance unless as my daughter says his "hotness factor" has gravity. As they say in sports when you're down 0-3 in a 7 game series, he would have to "win out".

Goodbye Lil and Anoop.

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I've been saying the final four would be Adam, Kris, Danny, and Allison since there were 36. It boggles my mind how Lil Rounds keeps surviving, as I think she should have been gone five weeks ago. My gal Miley was terrific, too, last night. (I wish Eric would write her another ballad to sing!)I'm really enjoying this year more than any other one of the show.

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I think they made a major mistake when they voted that cute little blonde girl off the show after her Dolly Parton cover.

I'm having a tough time getting excited about any of the final four this year.

That was Alexis Grace, and you are exactly correct! Boy, she has a great look, a nice story, and a really good voice. It's hard to figure out why people vote the way they do, but she is much better than the 2 girls remaining.


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Alexis picked the wrong Dolly song, Jolene, too dusty, she should have put a rock and roll treatment on 9-5.

Allison is a scary threat, all over the map, if she ever clicks on song choice, outfit, and vibe.. she's capable of a home run. She needs to find another Heart type song. Me thinks with a little leather, she could out Joan Jett, Joan, how 'bout I Hate Myself? (Where's that white guitar?)

Disco. Remember when what his face "rearranged" Billy Jean", basically took Pearl Jams version, but it sounded like a different song? Look for Adam to turn cheese into gold.

Kris and Danny keep hitting doubles and triples, safe, but eventually need a breakout, unless they are cool with a red ribbon.

Unless Adam burps, it's still a race for second place.

Disclaimer: The above represents my predictions, not musical interests

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Lil, Matt, and Anoop are history.. only mystery is who takes two weeks to get rid of.

Still think Matt should not shave, lose the hat, and get behind the piano, and just turn out a bad ass Billy Joel, Only The Good Die Young performance, with the band in his face. But the chicks want the soul ballad..

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I hate to toot my own horn here, but way back on April 1st, RIGHT HERE IN THIS THREAD, I predicted that if Adam ever did Zep's "Whole Lotta Love" he would knock it out of the park. What are the chances this could actually happen?

I have chills.

If he does "Without You" between now and the finale...I'm going have to launch a whole new career as a physic!


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I just don't agree that Danny matches up with the other three, and I personally thought that once again he had the weakest performance tonight. Even though the judges didn't seem to think so, I thought Kris came in 2nd tonight, but I will admit that Allison sure can sing. Too many girls in love with Danny which means either Kris or Allison are going home.

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