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American Idol Redux

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I know EC watches AI at times (probably not last night with rehearsals) but it would have been weired to him it seems to be sitting around with the family, guessing who is going to get the boot, and hear Kara shout out your name.

Not sure about the 4th spot, but me thinks the top 3 will be all guys.

Goodbye Megan tonight

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Right now blackhawkpat those are my final 4. Kris is coming on like a house of fire, great reworking last night of Aint No Sunshine, especially the original boring "I know, I know, I know, etc. Danny is consistent. Adam is by far the most creative, with Steven Tyler chops, he's totally reworked every song, changes his looks each week, taking the most chances, and definately has star persona. It's his to lose so far.. lot of weeks left though.

With the right song Allyson is amazing for her age, but America has already put here in the bottom 3 once. The judges should only use their "save" on someone who has a chance to win it. I predict they will have to save Allyson at some point to ensure that final 4.

After Megan tonight, goodbye Anoop

(btw) Megan is a dead ringer for my 18 year old daughter in looks and mannerisms, scary even to her)

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Adam is my Guy. My favorite contestant since Constantine (who is amazing in ROCK OF AGES on Broadway BTW...seen it twice already).I worry that he will get too screechy and blow it...but he appears to be playing it smart. Would love...LOVE to hear him do Nilsson's version of "Without You" or "Whole Lotta Love" by Zepplin. He has the chops to pull it off.

No way Danny won't be there in the end. To me...a glorified Michael Bolten...but the little girls love him. I see him and Adam in the finale.

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WORD! Megan bugged me. But boy is she a knock out!

And as a quick reminder, for all of us west coasters, we're 1 to 3 hours behind on results than everyone else. eek

I almost hit this thread, and thought...ya know, I had better wait. Glad I did. smile

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I'm stunned that Lil Rounds was in the top six. I thought she made a great choice on Motown night with "Heatwave", then was disappointing in performing it and she was horrible singing the ballad on Tuesday.

Hey Wendy, does Idol run longer in California on the second night? My kids are always using "Twitter" and Miley Cyrus kept promoting on her twitter that she was going to be singing on Idol last night and then after the show, she was tweeting "to all the haters that said I lipsynched on Idol, not true!"

We didn't see her on the show, though. What gives? Are we getting a shortened version here in the midwest?

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To be perfectly honest Pat, (sidebar: why DO people start off with that, like the other times they lie?) I was working on my protest signs for the Tea Party, (what HAVE I gotten myself into?) so I was listening more than watching.

However, I don't remember Mylie being on last night. Then again, the show has run over many a time here in the "left" coast. So, I can't tell ya for sure...

PS: Confused yet? laugh

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Good call on the "to be perfectly honest"! I find myself saying "in my opinion" a lot, apparently opposed to saying "in Wendy's opinion" or "in Eric's opinion"......of course, it's "my opinion" or I wouldn't be saying it!

Oh Pat, didn't I tell you...if I want your opinion, I'll give it to you! laughwinkhaha

BAAM! She shoots, she scores...right out of the Anaheim Stadium ballpark! (a little blonde humor there. spin )

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Wrote this as an "audition" for an online column. Does it suck?

So predictable and merciful, Megan got voted off last night. If anyone close to her had took her aside and shook her about her dusty song choices, (Jolene and Bob Marley) and sang anything else, Anoop would be home playing cribbage with his Grandmother tonight. What is she thinking? Decent voice, eccentric , but cool attitude, she should have come out in a jump suit and out Shania Twained, herself and sang “I Feel Like a Womenâ€, with attitude dialed 11. We would be watching her next Tuesday.

Not sure what’s going on with her teradactyl exit to the bottom 3 (caw), but it appears to be an inside joke, as the others in good spirit did the wingspan at the preface of her exit .

The top 3 are obviously a testosterone trio of Kris, Adam, and Danny, and I think Allison may slip into there but the judges will have to save her. You only save someone that has a shot at winning. Allison needs to improve her song choices, and should come out and sing a denim Jack Daniels inspired Janis Joplin “Piece of my Heartâ€, and she will blow people away, otherwise, bottom 3.

Coke must have paid big bucks for the big red cup product placement in front of the judges, but Bacardi is getting screwed without their logo on Paula’s cup. Has she put together a complete or comprehensive sentence yet this year?

Who else is tired of Simon saying this is a “singing contest†and then ironically bitches about their wardrobe choices, or stage presence? It’s called “American Idol†not “America’s best vocalist†which is why this competition is Adam’s to lose. Danny is cool and consistent, but the math teacher vibe is good for second place, Kris is the guy whose disc would be in my car changer, but there is no denying the star factor of Adam. He’s combined Steven Tyler’s chops, with Elvis looks, and his gamble of totally rearranging familiar hits, is paying off in spades.

Tuesday? Say goodnight Anoop. Scott deservingly scored on the stripped down Billy Joel with his Wedding Singer haircut, but needs to kill again to stay ahead of the elimination wave. We will see… sit down Paula.

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I had the same conversation with Bonnie last night. I LOVE Adam....but will I buy anything he records?..........no. I don't see him being a lasting recording artist. I COULD see him on Broadway or some heavy production-oriented club act....but just not on my iPod. I would however buy Kris' music.

If they have Andrew Lloyd Webber back as a mentor this year...Adam will make him cry! I just see that dude in musical theatre.


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I would love to hear Adam's take on "All By Myself"!

Either Lil' or Scott will probably go this week. If it's Lil', the judges will probably save her with the one "save" they have. They seem to have faith that she will find her voice again. I'm not sure who told Scott that strumming the guitar would be a good idea, and I give him credit for trying, but I was cringing during most of his performance.


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