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Celebs who will be there!


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You gotta know that there is going to be a boat load of Celebs there. I'm serious. Older "stars" who have raved about the band. I assume they...like us...are going to be in Cleveland Nov 26.

Springsteen's tour is now over....I'd bet anything that he and a few guys from the E street band will be there.

Also Paul Stanley or Gene Simmons...gotta believe they'll fly in. Axe Rose.....

Does this mean that the VIP ticket holders could actually rub shoulders with not only the 'Berries..but the likes of Springsteen???

What is the chance that they will fly Scott out from California...put him up at Wally's house.

He is announced towards the end of the show...comes out and sings Play On????

I'm tellin ya....this is going to be an historic night!!! I'm NOT going to be mentally intact by Thanksgiving...not gonna be right I tell ya!!

Tom from Toledo

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I agree, Art! However, will our own EC.com celebrity, Darlene the Lemonade Queen, be at the show? WHERE IS DARLENE through all this excitement? Darlene, we miss you!!!! The lemonade worked! Come back and celebrate with us! (For any board newcomers, Darlene is member #2 right behind Bernie, is closing in on 2,000 posts, and tirelessly bolstered our spirits when we'd lament that we'd never see or hear from Eric again.)

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Courtney Love could possibly be there, after all. She pleaded guilty to assulting a fan...and in exchange for the plea bargain, is free on one-year probabition.

With her being out, and being a 'Berries fan, who knows....she certainly can buy someone out of their tickets at a premium price....

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You know, it's really kind of funny, that with all the talk about celebrities earlier, and wondering who is going....nobody mentioned anything about special guests being there--even as observers.....

I guess that the show was THAT good that nobody would notice.....

And you know, I probably would have my eyes totally glued onto the stage, and nowhere else, to pay attention to anything else!!

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