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Jim on Cleveland radio WMJI

Jeff Engel

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As most of you know, the Choir will be reuniting this weekend for two shows. Jim was on Cleveland radio station WMJI, with Kenny Margolis. The DJ's interviewed them about the reunion show. Unfortunately, you could tell that the DJ's did not know much about the Choir or the Raspberries. John Lanigan did mention that he saw the Raspberries in Denver and really liked the show. He commented that at the beginning of the Denver show, the crowd was kind of quiet, but by the end of the show, the Raspberries had them jumping. But he didn't know Jim was the drummer in the Raspberries. There was also a nice article about the Choir in the local News Herald on Sunday and in the Plain Dealer on Tuesday. Jim did mention that a live CD of the Raspberries was in the works. Are they still talking about a DVD ?



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I can't imagine them just discounting all of the excitement, especially of the very first reunion concert, people milling around, over-the-moon, etc, having travelled halfway around the world to come, etc, etc., -- I feel sure they WILL do one.

It's just that the cd and all the other concerns obviously must come first in their eyes. I can certainly understand that. They have to go with what they feel they must do, in the absolute order they feel they must do it.

All that brilliant concert footage and the excitement *will* be packaged, even if only for us, I feel sure. Everyone is putting out DVDs, and it's not like Raspberries not to be cutting edge. It just sounds like they are on the *edge* of something that's going on right now, and I don't mind one bit being patient while they do their thing. I just wish them incredible success, while blissfully I wait to hear what's going on! spinspinspin

smile --Darlene

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I hope the live DVD does come out and I imagine the guys will want to package it for greatest sales potential (to come out when something is generating interest, like a tour or when there's a CD out) --- just a guess.

The Knack's "Getting The Knack" (released as a 25th anniversary celebration of "My Sharona," which was the biggest-selling single of 1979) DVD in 2004 involved Ken Sharp and included commentary from Cherie Currie (Runaways) and Rick Springfield. Pretty darn good documentary --- I hope Raspberries do a "documentary" like that for the 35th anniversary of "Go All The Way" in 2007 (might make the expense of licensing footage from TV shows worthwhile).

Just think of the celebrity commentary they could get for a documentary ("Hi, I'm Bruce Springsteen, I loved the music..." or "Cherie Curie here, I loved the tight pants...").

Don wink

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