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After falling to #141 last night on Amazon......


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My guess there will be a residual effect as the Indie shops come on board. So there should be continued sales into the Fall but a show in NYC or Cleveland would certainly help as an advertisement. Eventually some of the hippies and young goths running the local Indie shops will look at their Ryko monthly sales brochure and order some for sure. This is really exciting after all these years to see the guys in any chart. Too cool.

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I'm a little confused about sales tracking. I thought years ago an LP was scanned as sold when a vendor purchased the LP to put on a store shelf to sell it. It seems if a vendor knew someone like Eric was going to have a big hit, they gambled and stocked up with plenty for their customers. What really kept the momentum going was people hearing the music on the radio and seeing the record on the shelves, waiting until payday to find them sold-out, and having to keep going back to see if it was back in stock yet. The vendor kept ordering what they thought they could sell, and the cycle continued.

If this is [still] the way it works, are companies who are opting not to stock the CD and Deluxe set just ordering on request from Rykodisc, or are they buying what they think they can sell and only making it available online since they might not know in which markets it could sell?

If the scan as it leaves Rykodisc's warehouse is what counts, I would think a product today would look like it tanked in comparison to 30 years ago considering there aren't as many vendors ordering for stock. The upside is that the number of units sold is closer to being a truer number of units sold to music fans. How do the LE sets figure into the big picture of units sold? Presale to prove there was interest?

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