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chris hess

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I wouldn't worry too much, Chris. One of the things about reproducing a DVD from stage to DVD is that all of the sounds heard before are gone over once more. It's really like doing a concert all over. Remember, there could be songs from different cities. That means each concerts tapes and videos have to be looked at. Questions like, "Is the lead loud enough on the DVD, or are all the other sounds too loud, when you need to hear an instrumental lead?" Or, "I liked those three songs we did in L.A., because they were new, and not done at the other concert venues. Then, their are the opinions of everyone reviewing: "This one is better hear, because.."(sound is better; the lighting, etc).

And, commentary is helpful like words showing the city of the concert, or someone talking about the song before, then it's played on the DVD.

Then, they must think about re-broadcasting these DVD's on a public station like PBS. There are local public stations that work with PBS to broadcast these to cities everywhere.(An example is www.KOCE.org ). And, these will have to be done well, because the public will want to buy these, besides their own music. With a DVD, the fans will want to see a show live, because that's one of the first things they wonder, "Where are they playing?"

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The English language does not have enough negative adjectives to fully describe how much I loathe the Dual Disc. Dual Disc is specifically a disc with one side being a DVD and the other side a CD. The CD doesn't play on all players and I wouldn't want to put it in my car player anyway for fear of scratching the DVD side. Sony had the bright idea of releasing Springsteen's latest album only in that format.

Now a DVD with a seperate CD packaged with it would be cool. A few bands have put out concert DVD's, CD's of most of the songs from the DVD and besides selling each disc seperately, packaging them together.

I might be in the minority but I'd prefer the boys put out the concert material in some form first before they attempt new material. I've heard a Loggins & Messina interview where they said they decided for their reunion they'd first concentrate on the shows with the old material because making albums is where the old "creative conflicts" began to arise.

As some wise men said "baby steps".

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Sony sucks. They are pushing Dual disc because they are trying to block copying. Are you aware they put malicious spyware on your computer which they can access and which can prevent your other discs from copying? They are being sued in a class action suit, and the FTC has demanded they recall millions of discs & will have to pay monetary damages & label all discs in future. I hate record companies and Sony in particular. Sony SELLS a CD recorder, but you can't copy their discs in it. BULLS--T! They were the company that made copying legal in the first place, via the Betamax case, now they are trying to reverse that ruling. I will never buy any sony products again because of this kind of crap.

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Yeah, Sony used to make great cassette & video recorders,but after this BS with installing malicious spyware into computers, I will not support them. I think Sony has a very bad year coming up.

1st: Payola scandal, they have been paying off Radio stations to play crap like Mariah Carey, going so far as to send 1 very expensive sneaker to DJs with the promise of #2 after airplay, and paying off program directors with trips & gifts.

2nd: This whole DRM spyware BS issue explained above.They are being sued & recalled 2 million CDS.

3rd: Sony produced a faulty sensor which was used in digital cameras. 13 models of Sony cameras have failed quality inspections in China, where they have a board that tests consumer electronics. They are being forced to replace these cameras free to chinese consumers, but they still sell them here, so the commies got one up on the USA where there are no standards for quality control. In addition, Nikon & Minolta use these sensors, and are recalling cameras & suing Sony.Sony unconscionably still sells thier faulty products, beware. You can learn more about this issue on Digital camera forums, where there are thousands of posts from outraged consumers.

4th: they are SELLING a CD recorder, that fails to work over 50% of the time, and has caused fires due to overheating, while at the same time they are trying to stop you from copying the CDS you own.

5th: They are trying to reverse the court ruling on Betamax, which is the law that makes consumers able to use VCRS, DVD recorders & tivo. As the consumer shows they want more portable media, sony has instead decided to make things harder for you to

convert cds you purchased into MP3, wanting you to pay again.

6th: Sony PSP, a overpriced industrywide joke. They have so far been forced to give every user free replacement screens since the crummy junk screen they came with is easily scratched. These units are also prone to overheating due to poor engineering.

All the reasons I wish to never buy any more Sony products.

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i appreciate being patient,but i could not afford/nor make it to the gigs and am starving to see or hear the berries live or new stuff..thats why i wrote what i did..i'm sure i'm not alone on this according to what i've read here on this site..bless all the people who were fortunate enough to see them!!! i envy u,but totally support this great alliance and the band & fans here!!!..if u knew me..u would know i'm one of the most patient/person u could ever know...i simply love the berries period..nuff said..have a great holiday season to all!!!!chris

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Chris, They read all of what we write, so I know they will hear you and know that a lot of people didn't make it to Razz gigs, but want to see them.

We all understand exactly how you feel, and they will too when they read your post.

I know a DVD is in the works--but they won't put it out until they are all of one mind that it's great. It will be. Promise. Then you'll get to see and hear them!

smile --Darlene

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darlene,i really do appreciate the support.& love..it makes me feel good again u addressed the subject!!!..i know they read what we wrote & understand the process of putting out a quality product to all involved..i do believe,alot of my frustration is i have not been able to share what ALL of u have SEEN so far..& i'm voicing an opnion alot do'nt hear about the re-union..sorry,i hope everyone understands..lots of love.chris

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Right on, Chris. The show I saw in L.A. was great, too.

Just an "aside", I've noticed that singers or bands that are on T.V. play live, or someone from the band shows up for the interview on T.V. while their DVD is played. Some singers go to two or three stations months apart, like the East and West Coasts. Sometimes they are at the studio, and sometimes at a concert hall, when there are several bands from the 50's through 2005, like Roni Bemise, the Spanish Guitarist who plays Rock riffs on his guitar. He has become very popular on KOCE. He started out being rejected by clubs left and right in L.A. Then, he just started playing on the streets, and became sort of a pied-piper, with people literally following him as he played and walked. Look at him now, The Greek Theatre in April, in Los Angeles. His Meet-and-Greet tickets are sold-out.

When I was watching part of Bruce Springsteens new DVD on KOCE T.V., there was an interview done at a studio by the drummer, so they could be done anywhere. Early this morning on KOCE T.V., I saw KC, from KC and The Sunshine Band introduce The Hues Corporation, a band, for "Rock The Boat", from Ashbury, New Jersey. He was standing outside by a bridge. On the show, there was Mayleene? Elliman singing, "If I Can't Have You". It had been 27 years since her last live performance.

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Always was skeptical about the dual-disc from the get-go.

I'd have to agree with Frankenberrie's assessment of Sony....the quality has gone down. At least they have not watered down Sonic Foundry software, which they acquired a few years ago. At least there is some integrity left in the Acid, Sound Forge and Vegas Video programs.

Bose's headphones are much better than Sony's but are a lot more expensive(I guess you get what you pay for).

And the company that really should step to the plate is the other one that co-created the CD,

Phillips. Perhaps the Nederlanders can, for once, bring back affordable CD players that have a longer life than what Sony has offered the general

public the past few years.....

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