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Right with you Smittie (Julie R.)!

Good ol' House of Blues and their ridiculous ticketing system. Same sh#@--different day...

I'll be taking my chances with Ticketmaster tommorrow as well--or--if I have too, at this point, I'd rather buy from a scalper--rather than dealing with these HoB freaks.

No light,


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Taking a shot tomorrow...There will be tix...Not to put a negative spin on things, but at the BBK shows, thre was approx. 1200 people(2 shows) out of an area that had about 20,000,00 people within a two hour drive of Manhatten...Out of those 1200 or so people, I would say about half of us caught both shows...Narrowing it down even further, many of us came from outside the Tri-State area...Therefore, there arent that many outsiders looking to get tickets...A.C. isnt the most convenient place to get to either...so I am guessing you will be able to get tix for the next couple of weeks...And if Springsteen is showing up, there will be one extra ticket available(mine)...

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