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Eric/Raspberries Fest?

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Tiggsherby said:

"Actually, Philly was a much better choice for the Rock Hall....we'd have done it right!!!!"

Uh, Tiggs...I don't want to start a fight here, but I have to say a few things:

1. The Rock Hall is in Cleveland for a reason. The reason? We wanted it the most. More than New York. More than Los Angeles. More than Philadelphia. More than Memphis. Those cities thought they DESERVED the Rock Hall as some sort of birthright, but they were not willing to make the effort to express their desire to have it anywhere NEAR the extent that Clevelanders were. So I'm sorry, but for you to say "We should have gotten it, it isn't that good, we would have done it better" is sour grapes. WE wanted it. WE voted for it...in numbers that dwarfed any other city's demand for it. That's why it's here.

2. The Rock Hall, as much as it is located in Cleveland, is not a production OF Clevelanders and BY Clevelanders. It is still a product of an out-of-town (New York-based) foundation. Therefore, if there is something you don't like about the Rock Hall (and that is certainly your right), you can't blame it on Clevelanders...it would be the same if the Rock Hall *had* been given to another city. It would be what it is, even if it were in Philadelphia. So it's not an issue of "Cleveland did it wrong" and "Philly would have done it right." It's an issue of "It may be located in Cleveland, but people in New York still make all the decisions about it."

3. Even though Clevelanders don't control the Rock Hall, they are still (the majority, anyway) proud to have it here for what it is--its points both good and bad. Therefore, to see people from out of town come in, run it down, and then imply it would have been done "right" if it were in THEIR city is, to this Clevelander anyway, insulting. Really, Cleveland has had to put up with enough snipes and insults over the years that it doesn't seem fair that one of the few times we actually get something that some other city doesn't have, we get blamed for it "not being all that good."

In short, if you don't like the balance of exhibits in the Rock Hall, don't blame Cleveland. And if you have trouble getting to participate in the interactive parts, the key is to go when it's less crowded.

I'd be the last to say the Rock Hall is perfect. Nothing is. But it's still very special, and we're still very fortunate to have it here in Cleveland...because the locals cared enough to demand it here. And yes, Eric (and his brother) were two of those "locals" who cared enough to help make it happen.

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Glad to see so much interest in this idea. Thanks, Kathy, for mentioning this now not so hair-brained idea I had awhile back. And thanks, Tim, for the "gmta" reference. smile It's really nice to see it starting to take on a life of its own.

Before I go any further, just want to say that my silence is not one of apathy. I am completely swamped at work and head out of town again tomorrow for the rest of this week. Gone again next Monday and Tuesday, but will hopefully get some on line time during that trek.

Because of my crazy schedule, my original post was going to say I would be happy to help ringlead the organization of a 'Berries Fest, but would need lots of help. Was also going to say that any more progress from my end would have to wait till after Thnanksgiving. Good thing I didn't because now it looks like I am going to be on this travel merry-go-round until Christmas. Aaargh. Someone help me screw my head back on straight and figure out who I am and where I am. I can't wait to settle down a bit again and start talking with all of you. My apologies to anyone I owe a reply to, either on e-mail or pm. I'm not ignoring you - it's just that I need to be able to clone myself to keep up with everything.


Enter "iluvEric". Thank you again for your offer to take on this project, Betty. I have told her in an e off the board that I definitely want to be a major force behind making this happen, just am not able to be "the" major force and do the event justice.

That said, we really do have to get on this if we have any hope of making it happen in '06. I have set up an e-mail address just for correspondence regarding a Fest. That address is: susana_fest@yahoo.com . Everyone, please, please, please contact Betty or me ASAP with your input.

Fan/volunteer based events can be the most exciting of any - and this is OUR event! It can be tailored to a large extent to what we want, so all questions and ideas are welcome. Those who would want to serve on a committee to make this happen will be greatly appreciated. As for a deadline - on when we have to have a good idea of how many people would attend, ideas, and those interested in helping - Betty, I'll leave that part to your judgment.

This will be so much fun - I really would like to see it happen! Please e-mail one or both of us if you want to be a part of it!



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Well, I'll tell you what, If our Eric/Raspberries Fest can be as good as the StarzFest I just attended in NJ this past weekend we could all have the experience of a lifetime!

My head is still spinning from all of the cool stuff that happened, but I will be starting a separate thread in the next couple of days or so.


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I'm not one for planning, but I LOVE attending! If this does end up happening, regardless of where, I would certainly try to get my boyfriend and I to attend.

I agree though that I'd want the Raspberries involved in some small capacity to really make it worthwhile. Kinda like a Celebration III for Star Wars, fans agree that it wouldn't have been the same without Lucas there.

But I'll keep checking for updates, I hope this can happen, that'd be really really cool!!!!!



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