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Hungry Eyes

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I want to see the video that proves Eric should have been a member of the Village People! eek

Which one would that be? Or would he be an addition? As for Erasure - a trio? laugh

What would be dressed as??? :P

By the way Tony, I heard your song on the Raspberries refreshed cd - great job! cool

HT from Mo

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I'm sure it's the second one I have. It's great!

I'm so sorry for all the suffering you endured on the first one eek , although, knowing you, I'm sure you were great in it.

This nightmare treatment took place even after you had established yourself as a world class talent! UNBELIEVABLE!

How alarming it must have been for young, new-to-the-business Raspberries to have had to cope with such maltreatment as the music biz doles out. It always boggles my mind that sometimes the idiots wield the control...

frown --Darlene

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Geeez! Now, like a plane crash video, or a bloody car crash, I really want to see that first "IWHIFYL" video more than ever!

Can't we just see it here on ec.com? We promise not to laugh, or make any sarcastic remarks...(double finger cross) praypraypray

The original version of "I Wanna Her It From Your Lips" (three female singers (one of whom was also in a Jackson 5 video) and a giant pair of lips filling the screen at times, as I recall it) aired on VH-1 for about four weeks beginning in January of 1985, then they started showing the new concert version. Geffen put out a promo phone in the shape of lips to promote the release when the Geffen album reached stores January 7, 1985 (despite the 1984 copyright, that's when the LPs arrived at record stores).

I think Eric's being a bit too tough on his appearance in the original video --- it was a bit Las Vegas, but at the time, after years of not seeing Eric, I remember jumping off the couch and yelling, "That's Eric Carmen!" to my wife. His image in a suit coat appeared in a dimly lit opening shot at the video's start ("...I hear it from my friends..."), which blew me away, and then he's laying on the floor sideways singing the song, and the three girls are singing along (no band), and a giant pair of female lips sometimes fills the TV screen. Nothing to be ashamed of --- not rock 'n' roll, I guess, but it wasn't bad either, and I thought it was pretty cool at the time.

Then the video just disappeared from rotation on VH-1 and was replaced by the "concert" version (which had a broadcast premiere on NBC's "Friday Night Videos" in late February of 1985).

VH-1, which was brand new in January of 1985 and not on many cable systems at first, was the only network to actually air the original version (at least that I'm aware of, and I was looking for it everywhere). The second video of IWHIFYL, the concert version, was everywhere later, including MTV and HBO.

But seriously, I liked the original video. I also prefer the 12-inch vinyl Jellybean remix single to the album and 45 rpm versions of the song.

Don Krider smile

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"I would prefer root canal. ec"

I think you are developing a very serious case of "bad video that may someday escape" disease...With all the stuff available on YouTube...your fears are not unfounded...I hope...for your sake Eric...that the offending video remains unseen forever...But as for me...I am now incredibly curious...What could be that bad?

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Oh for goodness sake, enough already! It's BLOODY GOD AWFUL AND HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH ME. That's why I hated it. It was Michael Peters' idea of what Eric's "look" and "image" and "clothes" and "moves" should be. The only thing he didn't consider was that I had a look and an image and clothes and moves that were comfortable BEFORE I EVER HAD THE MISFORTUNE OF MEETING HIM. He couldn't turn me into one of the dancing Jackson's in a day because A) I had no interest in becoming a dancing Jackson and B) He made me feel completely uncomfortable by trying to turn me into something I was not. It was the video equivalent of marching the Raspberries into the recording studio and having the producer decide to make a hip-hop record. Unfortunately, there was no one there to support me ,so my rebellion was a private one. I don't wish bad things on anyone, but when Michael Peters died a few years ago I did not shed a tear. He was absolutely insufferable. ec

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I would think that one of the negatives of doing videos is that it takes people who are trained, sometimes extensively, to be musicians and suddenly asks them to become accomplished actors. It seems like it would be a very nerve wracking experience; and then to have little to no say over how the song you wrote, performed, and in a way birthed is presented in this unintented format...

I know that some people later began to write songs with the video concept in mind, but back in the beginnings; the first 5 to 10 years even; of MTV, VH1, and other video outlets, they were taking songs by performers who had not grown up with the idea of doing videos. I would expect the more modern musicians to be somewhat prepared (as much as a novice can be) to face that when embarking on a musical career...

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