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NEW Multimedia Files!

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Man you make my brain hurt Bernie... Your summer = our winter, now it's your Sunday = ummm - our Monday. :rolleyes:

And that means I'll be at work and won't be able to looksie until I get home. crying

And because Kiwi gets home first she'll beat me to it. grumpy

Never mind. It will help get over "MONDAY, MONDAY" laugh

Muzza cool

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Tony, if you had seen our yard you would know that could never be true!!

Unfortunately I'm not that impulsive - and my time and $$ would be better spent elsewhere. I desperately want to go, but logic dictates otherwise --and the multimedia files are a nice treat to stay here.


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Oh me.

I'm positively verklempt. (Can't even spell at the moment so don't beat me up on that one if it's wrong.)

The balcony buddies are smiling now because they know the look on my face.

Though I remember that TV performance well - and though that song is almost a part of my very being, it never ceases to do me in...

What a wonderful respite to the 100 degree heat... smile



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