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A small courtesy request


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This morning, I am trying to access my e-mail on my dialup connection, but my messages are being held up by the exceptionally long time it's taking to download the first message, which I know nothing about other than that it's titled "Well it ain't the Raspberries..." This leads me to believe that someone most likely on EC.com sent me an unsolicited MP3 of...something.

That's really nice, but the trouble is, for those of us who don't have high-speed connections, downloading MP3s takes a lot of time and holds up everything else in the mailbox.

From now on, anyone who'd like to send me an MP3, would you please ask first? Thanks. I'd sure appreciate it. Not meaning to be cranky, but it's frustrating when the first message in your mailbox is so huge that it's taking forever to download and you can't skip it to get to the rest.

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Oh my gosh, it's a VIDEO...no wonder it's taking so long.

Harry, I'm sure once I get high-speed this will be no problem, but then again, not everyone can afford it. (I probably can, but I'm not everybody.) Also, I still don't have it now, and it can be a mistake to assume that everyone else either has it or can afford to get it.

Thanks for understanding, Marvin, because I'm sure the video is adorable, but right now it's holding up my entire mailbox and I don't know who might be trying to reach me with what. (I've been trying to work on a kind of important project at home for the last little while. No, it's not a work project--luckily, I have separate access to my work account through their Web site. It's just that being able to get to my home email has been of high importance to me lately.)

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