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Eric's star is exploding in the Holy City of Jerusalem!!!


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This is something i could not belive.

My friend, Julie, just came back from the Holy city of Jerusalem in Israel with a cd by an Israeli young pop star called "Shy Nobleman".

Shy Nobleman's album, "How to be shy" is defiently one of the best reasons why a good friendship could be better than a marrige.

The album blow me away!

It was such a surprise to hear a song called: "Don't want to say goodnight" which resembles Eric's "Don't want to say goodbye" .

It has a similar intro and vibe and its a totally heartbreaking ballad.

Another song, "Fireworks toonight", tells the story of Shy's birthday party where he invites all his musical heroes, including: Paul McCartney, Scott Walker, The Byrds, Eric Carmen and the Raspberries.

All the songs have 60's Psychadelic Pop magical sounds, big production with srings, brass and strong and catchy melodies.

There are ballads and rockers.

After checking his website Shy Nobleman homepage

and watching his funny music videos.

I got bought 2 more copies to my friends at www.cdbaby.com

I am still playing this cd and it just get better.

Israel. Of all places.... coolcoolcool

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I was wondering if Eric heard Shy Nobleman's songs.

Probably no, i would guess.

I dont think Shy is ripping off Eric. I think that by showing that you are influenced by someone's work you kind of showing that you love and thank him for the inspiration.

"Don't want to say goodnight" sounds really , production wise, like the Berries "Don't want to say goodbye", it has big production with strings and Phil Spector feel.

But the melody is completely different than the Berries.

It is a great album and i read in his website some impressive reviews he got in Rolling Stone.

Good luck to him!


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